Honestly? Now a Broken Toe?

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Here we go again.

Last week I had to take Teddy to the emergency room because he hurt both wrists. Luckily, they were both just badly sprained.

This week we finally went to the beach. The beach we go to has a small playground. Since it was a tad bit more than breezy (pretty cold if you ask me) the kids would go up to the play instead of in the water. No big deal, we could see them, and they were a group of five.

Later in the day, I noticed that Teddy was limping and having a difficult time walking.


He said he stubbed his toe on the metal bar on the swing set. (Later found out he was trying to do some trick, he can’t handle tricks). I tried to look at his toe but it was too sandy to see anything, and then he just limped off into the water.

I looked at my friend Gina,I was telling her about his wrists earlier,  and said, “See, the kids hardly feels pain. I bet it’s broken. He’s not going to complain about it either.”

At home and after his shower I get a good look at it. I have a feeling it’s broken. He’s got some fat toes to begin with, but this one was a real porker. Not to mention he was ready to punch anyone that tried to touch it.

Kraus House Mom

When I do get him to the doctor’s office (doctor’s this time, no hospital) they look at it and they weren’t sure if it was jammed (bad scene for Teddy if it was), badly sprained, or fractured. If it was jammed they would have to pull it out. Teddy was really, really hoping for a fracture at that point.

We go get an xray and then we go get a super stylish boot for him so he can walk easier and not hurt the tendons in the rest of his foot.

I must say, the doctor gave me a strange look at that request. Look buddy I have broken several toes and once I used one of those boot things, I didn’t damage the tendons from walking funny. I don’t want to spend my summer going back and forth here.

Once he got that boot on, he was thrilled (especially when we got to the stairs). It wasn’t as bad walking.

The doctor called back and said that Teddy did indeed fracture his toes (I knew it, Teddy was so relieved, they weren’t going to have to yank on his toe and now we get the pleasure of going to an orthopedic.

That appointment was set up, Teddy is doing better walking and if he does anything else to himself this summer, I’m going to flip out.

31 thoughts on “Honestly? Now a Broken Toe?

  1. I hope he feels better soon, they are times that everything pours at the same time and we are left amazed. A couple of years ago my son fractured his arm during a soccer practice, exactly a month after that my husband fell from a stair with the same fracture. :/

  2. It sounds like something that our family would do. I have fallen out of bed and broken my arm and my son got knocked over by our dog and had a concussion. I’m glad that it was something more serious but it’s amazing that he did not tell you about it. My son tells me when he gets a small little scratch.
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  3. I think that I had a broken toe once and didn’t even know it. I walked into a suitcase and my toe literally turned black by the next day. So painful.

  4. Oh no, poor Teddy. It sounds like he cannot catch a break with The injuries this summer. Hope he heals up quickly.

  5. Hopefully he’s getting it all out of his system so the rest of summer will be pain-free. I have broken a toe. I know it’s a pain, but normally there isn’t a whole lot they can do. Hope he feels better soon.

  6. Oh, poor thing! No way to start a summer. I remember one summer when my daughter got her hand stuck in our minivan door, and I went into labor with her brother a week later. And he had to go to the NICU. When it rains, it pours sometimes.

  7. Ohh L Sad to know this. Sometimes in life everything happens at one instant only. When I was learning to drive scooter, I broke my arm. I suffered a lot that time. I just hope he heals faster.

  8. It seems like someone in our family is always getting hurt. Sorry to see this and I hope for a quick recovery.

  9. Everyone thought boys were bad for getting injured doing not so good stunts. My great niece who is 6, was playing on a ladder that was laying on the ground with her brother. Which really isn’t a bad thing because we used to play with ladders on the ground and jump in between the steps. She fell wrong and broke her wrist. This was like the day after school got out for her too. Hope his toe get well soon and he doesn’t hurt himself to bad this summer.

  10. I have jammed my toes so many times. One day I was walking and there was a 10lb weight on the floor I didn’t see and I kicked it while carrying groceries. OUCH! Then one time I had to go to the bathroom really badly and ran in and somehow my baby toe caught on the door frame and turned right out. Seriously. Toes are bad LOL

  11. Oh no! I hope he heals soon! I broke two toes a few years ago and it was so painful. I also just stubbed my two into a door jam, did not think I hit it that hard but it was obvious really quick they were broken. It was a tough recovery!

  12. I hope your son gets better soon. I know how you feel. I went through the same thing when my kids were growing up. My daughter, at 2 years old suffered from a fractured elbow. She climbed up a chair, jumped and fell. My eldest son fell when he tried to do an “aerial” on his tricycle. He hit his cheek on a concrete flower box. Ripped a muscle. My youngest son pretended to be superman and jumped from a chair. Fell flat on his face and got a huge cut on his forehead that required stitches. Oh my goodness. Parenting is hard!

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