Beware of Deadly Objects

Let’s face it, the world is full of dangerous potentially deadly objects and I think we may need to rid our environments of them before we all fall victim.

I keep hearing about how dangerous fidget spinners are. They have been articles and news reports about kids choking. These were older kids 5 years old and 10 years old. If my kids put something in their mouth after having been told not to, I just take it away from them.

If my child doesn’t possess the personal maturity to not put toys in their mouth, that’s MY problem…not society’s.

If every thing that could be considered a hazard had to be recalled or removed from the shelves because children are getting hurt houses would be empty.

I’ve got a number of items that I feel we need to get rid of so that kids can be safe.

Forks – My kids have hit their teeth while eating several times, as have my husband and I. I have also dropped a fork on my foot and been stabbed by one while loading and unloading the dishwasher.

Kraus House Mom
Come to think of it, all silverware should go.

Stairs – Everyone in my house has fallen down and up the stairs. Every building should be flat, how can we expect our children to navigate the all those tripping hazards?

Kraus House Mom
People have been killed on stairs

Other Siblings – They can hurt each other, whether accidentally or intentionally. We should really be implements a no sibling policy.

Kraus House Mom
There have been fist fights galore with these three…siblings are dangerous

Soap – Have you ever heard a child scream when they get soap in their eye? Oh wait that might have been me. Well my kids have done that too, not pleasant for anyone. Bath time is supposed to be enjoyable (it’s not really tearless).

Kraus House Mom
I don’t think I’ve ever used this brand without getting it in my eye…the Kraus House Dad and Kids use it

Furniture – My kids and my husband and I have stubbed out toes on our furniture, and let me tell you…it hurts. My kids learned a lot of  R-rated words when I stub my toe. We need to outlaw furniture, floors for all!

Kraus House Mom
Look at all the places to stub (or break) a toe…I’ve broken quite a few on furniture

Liquids – I have slipped when there have been liquids left on the floor, because my kids didn’t feel like cleaning up the mess they made. So dangerous, they need warning labels on the bottles and all faucets.

Kraus House Mom
Look at the variety of hazards, and this was just on the coffee table.

Beds – I’ve had kids fall out of bed and I can’t even count the number of times I’ve thrown out my back making beds. They all need to go. Sleeping bags for everyone (until someone gets hurt by the zipper).

Kraus House Mom
Falling out of bed is a right of passage, an completely unnecessary one
Kraus House Mom
Look, there’s Stella on the floor. She would fall out every night

This is just a small list of things we need to recall, put warning labels on or simply get rid of all together because they are just too dangerous.


32 thoughts on “Beware of Deadly Objects

  1. I think other siblings is probably the most dangerous of all LOL. Kids do not know how to do things in a way that doesn’t hurt the other child either physically or emotionally. I watch my kids in the sibling rivalry they have sometimes is crazy.
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  2. Your post was so much fun. It is true that everything seems to be blamed on ‘the item’s orgin’ and not the fact that parents seem to want to blame someone else. There are so many different things that we can’t control in our home or outside of home. Pretty soon our houses would be bare lol. Again I enjoyed your humor.

  3. Enjoyed reading this post. I can relate to some of these on so many levels. I am always stubbing my toe on some furniture or item lying around the house. I have siblings too, and I can say that this is true.

  4. This is a great post. The world is a dangerous place. We need to wrap ourselves in bubble wrap just to be safe.

  5. Too funny! My mom is always telling stories about things they did when they were kids that no one would ever feel ok letting their kids do now. Sometimes you just gotta live and not be terrified of the “what ifs”.

  6. Toothpicks are on my list – those things are terrifyingly scary lol! Siblings is a real struggle though – recall for sure!

  7. Well I never knew that, a home can turn into a deadly place 🙂 Well-being over imaginative, I am taking myself into some adventurous stories I can write using these objects at home. The most deadly thing I often observe at home is stubbing my toe on some furniture or item lying around the house. Your post is really fun. Good to read.

  8. I’m seriously crying I’m laughing so hard. I literally say this all the time. Pretty much everything can hurt your kid. That’s why they have parents to watch them and protect them!

  9. LOL! There are so many dangers lurking at every corner for our kids! If you only knew how my mother’s anxiety is serious about some of this stuff. She once had a cow because one of my kids was walking across the room holding a pencil. She was convinced they could put their eye out with it. I just roll my eyes.
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