Meet the Kraus House

Welcome to the Kraus House Mom!

I’m Heather, I am from Rhode Island and love to go to the beach in the summer. My kids do too, because they have no choice. I also have an unhealthy addiction to reality television, okay television in general, do not get between me and my DVR, you will get hurt.

We recently moved to Massachusetts, not a great distance, and we are settling into our new surroundings quite nicely.

Before I became The Kraus House Mom (mom blogger extraordinaire) I was an ESL teacher for many years in an urban school; but when I had Stella, I developed Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (PPCM) and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), despite what the doctors told my husband, I lived and recovered (mostly). Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue teaching, although I tried. I left the classroom and became a stay at home mom.

After a few months, I decided to tell the ridiculous stories of the Kraus House online and The Kraus House Mom was born.

I’m not the star of this domain, let’s meet the interesting cast of characters…

Maizie is 12 years old she is a fabulous girl with a bright smile and infectious laugh. Because she has gotten older, and she can find this page on her own I try not to reveal too much about her (at least what she doesn’t want people to know). She is a fan of Minecraft, Roblox and making sure she has time to watch You Tube.

Teddy is 11 and he is our gentle giant and I mean that literally (as of this day he is 5′ 8″ tall and 150ish pounds in the 5th grade). He is the sweetest boy you could ever meet. DO NOT mess with his sisters or his friends, or let him see you being mean to someone for the fun of it, he doesn’t like it and will tell you. He has an intense love of video games, guitar  and football.


Stella-Blue is 9 years old and has personality plus. I call her friends at school her super fans. If you are her friend, then she has your back. Even if your not one of her “pallies” she won’t let you know, she’ll treat you the same. She wants to be an Imagineer or some sort of engineer, she already puts together her own contraptions. She loves to draw, create just about anything and build things.

Then there’s Ted (my husband), he might make an appearance once in a while but he likes to stay in the background. He has enough drama to deal with us.

Ted and I
Ted and I

If you don’t get enough of the Kraus Kids here, you can always check out their You Tube channel

The Kraus Kids