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Guess Who Went Blind Again, and Didn’t Know It

Well Teddy pretty much went blind in his left eye and didn’t even realize it.

Who doesn’t notice they can’t see?

Let me backtrack a bit.

Teddy had cataract surgery in October 2015 for one eye and December 2015 for the other because he lost sight that one too.

Teddy went to an appointment to get his eyes checked after having cataract surgery. The doctor noticed a spot, he said it was scar tissue and it was common. It just had to be lasered off, they could do it right in the office. No big whoop.

Then trying go get the appointment. When you call, you ALWAYS seem to  get the recording that they will call you back. If I’m not going to be available to take a call, I won’t leave a message because then it just turns into a long game of phone tag.

I finally got through and got him an appointment, but of course, it’s months away. So we wait.

Now when the kids started at their new school, the school nurse gave them an eye test. She called me to tell me that Teddy failed his test, with his glasses on. I figured it was the scar tissue and told her about it and said he was going to get it fixed and his glasses are really for reading and not distance.

Then fast forward to a few weeks ago when his glasses got broken in a snowball fight.

I asked him SEVERAL times if he could see okay and if he couldn’t we could go get them replaced, I didn’t really want to since I knew he would be getting new ones once the lasers did their magic.

He kept saying he could see fine and actually go annoyed with me because I kept asking. We went to the Dollar Store and bought some reading glasses (one pair was lost within a day).

Ted takes him to the appointment and texts me that he is basically blind in his left eye.


How did he not know?

If my contact lens in in backwards I certainly know. How can you not tell you can’t see?

He seriously had NO CLUE.

I told Stella, she couldn’t believe it either. She was there a bunch of the times I asked him if he could see.

So now he can see and can’t believe how clear everything is.

He can see with both eyes, now it’s a waiting game until the right eyes has the same thing happen.

Do you think he’s going to notice?


Guess who Broke his Two Front Teeth

Kraus House Mom

I’ve written about how Teddy went blind and the went blind again, well recently he knocked out his two front teeth. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but he did put two giant chips in them.

How? How did he do it?

It’s not something common.

Kraus House Mom
Look at those

He didn’t fall off his bike or do it while playing sports or when he was at the playground. He did it as only a Kraus Kid can do, he did it on a mechanical bull.

We do a charity race every year. During the race we are “gored” by the roller derby girls. The use red paint and get you as you run by them. After the race there is a party and the always shave a mechanical bull.

Every Year my kids ask to go on it and for one reason or another they don’t. This year, there was no line, so I told them they could do it. There were TONS of kids much smaller and younger than Teddy that had already gone on it.

What could happen? Teddy could happen!

As the bull came up, Teddy face-planted onto it. Down he went and there went his teeth.

I thought he broke his nose and has expecting blood everywhere. No blood, but he only had half of his front teeth.

They weren’t loose and he didn’t expose the nerves, so I wasn’t too concerned.

I called the dentist the next day and since we didn’t get an appointment until the following day, I guess they weren’t all that concerned either.

Apparently it happens ALL THE TIME, because no one asked what happened. Teddy told everyone (of course) and then I got the side eye and asked, “Where was there a mechanical bull?” Once he told the story, everyone thought he was the funniest kid ever.

Kraus House Mom
Waiting and reading

In comes the dentist, I’m thinking they are going to bond them.

Nope, his highness gets two crowns.

He is checking everything out, like a hawk and asking if they’re going to knock him out, I think

he was hoping. (They didn’t even numb him.)

Kraus House Mom
Watching everything happening

He was nervously cracking jokes and then wouldn’t you know it, of course dentist falls in love with him.

I swear getting the crowns ready took way longer then getting them put on.

Kraus House Mom
Shiny new chompers

The only bad part is he can’t bite into apples or carrots ever again because he can snap he teeth right off.

Luckily he left the dentist looking as good as new. Now we just have to keep him from having to get a new nose.