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Guess Who Went Blind Again, and Didn’t Know It

Well Teddy pretty much went blind in his left eye and didn’t even realize it.

Who doesn’t notice they can’t see?

Let me backtrack a bit.

Teddy had cataract surgery in October 2015 for one eye and December 2015 for the other because he lost sight that one too.

Teddy went to an appointment to get his eyes checked after having cataract surgery. The doctor noticed a spot, he said it was scar tissue and it was common. It just had to be lasered off, they could do it right in the office. No big whoop.

Then trying go get the appointment. When you call, you ALWAYS seem to  get the recording that they will call you back. If I’m not going to be available to take a call, I won’t leave a message because then it just turns into a long game of phone tag.

I finally got through and got him an appointment, but of course, it’s months away. So we wait.

Now when the kids started at their new school, the school nurse gave them an eye test. She called me to tell me that Teddy failed his test, with his glasses on. I figured it was the scar tissue and told her about it and said he was going to get it fixed and his glasses are really for reading and not distance.

Then fast forward to a few weeks ago when his glasses got broken in a snowball fight.

I asked him SEVERAL times if he could see okay and if he couldn’t we could go get them replaced, I didn’t really want to since I knew he would be getting new ones once the lasers did their magic.

He kept saying he could see fine and actually go annoyed with me because I kept asking. We went to the Dollar Store and bought some reading glasses (one pair was lost within a day).

Ted takes him to the appointment and texts me that he is basically blind in his left eye.


How did he not know?

If my contact lens in in backwards I certainly know. How can you not tell you can’t see?

He seriously had NO CLUE.

I told Stella, she couldn’t believe it either. She was there a bunch of the times I asked him if he could see.

So now he can see and can’t believe how clear everything is.

He can see with both eyes, now it’s a waiting game until the right eyes has the same thing happen.

Do you think he’s going to notice?


Guess who Broke his Two Front Teeth

Kraus House Mom

I’ve written about how Teddy went blind and the went blind again, well recently he knocked out his two front teeth. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but he did put two giant chips in them.

How? How did he do it?

It’s not something common.

Kraus House Mom
Look at those

He didn’t fall off his bike or do it while playing sports or when he was at the playground. He did it as only a Kraus Kid can do, he did it on a mechanical bull.

We do a charity race every year. During the race we are “gored” by the roller derby girls. The use red paint and get you as you run by them. After the race there is a party and the always shave a mechanical bull.

Every Year my kids ask to go on it and for one reason or another they don’t. This year, there was no line, so I told them they could do it. There were TONS of kids much smaller and younger than Teddy that had already gone on it.

What could happen? Teddy could happen!

As the bull came up, Teddy face-planted onto it. Down he went and there went his teeth.

I thought he broke his nose and has expecting blood everywhere. No blood, but he only had half of his front teeth.

They weren’t loose and he didn’t expose the nerves, so I wasn’t too concerned.

I called the dentist the next day and since we didn’t get an appointment until the following day, I guess they weren’t all that concerned either.

Apparently it happens ALL THE TIME, because no one asked what happened. Teddy told everyone (of course) and then I got the side eye and asked, “Where was there a mechanical bull?” Once he told the story, everyone thought he was the funniest kid ever.

Kraus House Mom
Waiting and reading

In comes the dentist, I’m thinking they are going to bond them.

Nope, his highness gets two crowns.

He is checking everything out, like a hawk and asking if they’re going to knock him out, I think

he was hoping. (They didn’t even numb him.)

Kraus House Mom
Watching everything happening

He was nervously cracking jokes and then wouldn’t you know it, of course dentist falls in love with him.

I swear getting the crowns ready took way longer then getting them put on.

Kraus House Mom
Shiny new chompers

The only bad part is he can’t bite into apples or carrots ever again because he can snap he teeth right off.

Luckily he left the dentist looking as good as new. Now we just have to keep him from having to get a new nose.

Minecraft Explosion

It started as a normal situation, Teddy and Stella got into a fight. Nothing new, it happens seven to eight times a day (with three kids, there’s always an argument over something).

This one was over one of Teddy’s light sabers. He came downstairs all in a lather saying Stella broke one of his light sabers. He said she grabbed it and broke it. It was in two pieces, but it was able to be slid back into place. He was all worked up because it “wasn’t the same anymore”.

Stella is known for grabbing things, so I was pretty miffed about this whole incident. I called her into the room and was ready to tear into her. Then she fills in the rest of the story…

Teddy held out the light saber for her to hold on to as he tried to lift her. Poor judgment on both of them.

I confronted Teddy with my new found information, which he had no choice but to admit his part in the terrible decision. I told him it was just as much his fault as it was Stella’s.

He wasn’t happy.

A few minutes later, Stella came running done stairs in tears.

“Teddy blew up my world!”

She has an array of Mi World shops in her room and I thought that was what she was talking about.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! (It took me a few minutes to figure out what happened.)

All three of the kids have there Minecraft world linked up on their tablets. Well, Teddy went into Stella’s world and set off a whole lot of TNT and blew up a bunch of her stuff.

Working together, a rare sight!
Working together, a rare sight!

Man was she upset. She was crying about not being able to get her animals back in their pen.

This is where my parenting skills are lacking because I started laughing and couldn’t keep a straight face (I tried SO hard). So I told her we need to go take this problem to Daddy.

This conversation went on for twenty minutes about how what happened with Stella and the light saber was an accident, but what Teddy did was on purpose and that was a big difference.

It was just another weekend in the Kraus House.

Cataracts…Teddy’s Blind Again

In July we found out that Teddy was pretty much blind in his right eye because of cataracts. He had it fixed right before Halloween and for a few short weeks he could see again.

When he went to the doctor to get checked after the surgery, he checked both eyes and everything was fine. He did have a cataract in the other eye, but it hadn’t changed in months.

Ted told the surgeon he wanted it fixed right away considering how fast the other eye deteriorated. The surgeon completely agreed. He said it would have to be corrected eventually and since it wasn’t cosmetic, there’s no issue getting it done before it became a problem.

That appointment was on November 2nd. The only thing was, the ophthalmologist had to approve the surgery, just a formality. Teddy’s doctor was on fully booked and then on vacation, no big deal.

Kraus House Mom
Teddy could see on his birthday

The office called to make an appointment for the day after the doctor returned, November 19th. Good because we knew the surgeon was already booked at the hospital and could get us in soon.

The night I made the appointment, Teddy told me he thought his eye (the other one) was getting bad because he was having trouble seeing. He could hardly read (he can’t see close up with the new lens) and I already knew his nearsightedness was becoming an issue. (I took him in September because he was having trouble, but it wasn’t the cataract.)

I told him he was going to the eye doctor and then we could schedule the next surgery. Then he would be able to see. Little did I know what we were going to find out.

The cataract in the other eye had pretty much quintupled, the new eye couldn’t see as far as they hoped and he basically has no sight in the other eye.

He can see people and objects far away, but he can’t read the board and he can’t read his work. When is he going to catch a break?

Luckily he will only have to wait a couple of weeks for the next surgery. He is scheduled for December 9th. He will finally have sight in both eyes.

Kraus House Mom
This time he’s not nervous, he’s excited to see

When it’s done, he will have to wear glasses. The doctor did tell us that he may never have to change his prescription because his eyes will be surgically corrected.

For now we do all we can at school so he can manage for the next couple of weeks.

I’ll keep you updated!

Teddy’s Birthday Interview

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear!

What can I say about Teddy that I haven’t already? He has a heart of gold and would do anything for his friends or family.

Kraus House Mom

He has given his tablet to his sister and his cousin when he really, really wanted to use it because he didn’t want them to be sad.

He didn’t play at recess with one of his best friends because another kid was causing an uncomfortable situation and he didn’t want his best friend to be caught in the middle.

He doesn’t complain, even when he lost sight in his eye. If the doctor didn’t tell us, we wouldn’t have known how bad it was, because he never said a word.

Every parent should fortunate enough to be blessed with a son like Teddy.

Every year I ask the kids questions, here are this year’s answers.

How old are you? 9
What did you get for your birthday? Skylanders Superchargers and a bunch of Star Wars stuff

Kraus House Mom
So happy!

What is your favorite color? Green and White (#GoBolts)
What is your favorite TV show? Lab Rats and Regular Show
What is your favorite toy? Xbox One
What do you want to be when you grow up? NFL player
What are you good at? Hockey
What is your favorite food? Ham
What food do you hate? Peanut butter and artichokes
What is your favorite outfit? My football jerseys
What is your favorite song? Secret Touch
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint Chocolate Chip
Who is the best in your family? Everyone

Kraus House Mom
His Star Wars haul

What is your pet’s name? Alabama Worley
What makes you happy? Playing video games and going to football
What makes you mad? When Maizie and Stella watch YouTube on the Xbox
What is your favorite thing to do at school? Math
Who is your teacher? Mrs Marasco
Where do you want to go on vacation? Around the World
What was best memory about being 8? Getting my eye fixed and being able to see again

Kraus House Mom
Happy Birthday!!

Some of the answers are the same as always, I like how he wants to travel around the world because I would like to join him.

Happy ninth birthday Teddy!


Teddy Can See Again, Bye Cataract!

Guess who can see with both eyes again, Teddy!

He hasn’t been able to see from his right eye since June or July because he had a cataract.

Last Monday, he had it fixed. Now he can see clearly.

Kraus House Mom
His first day out and about with a “new eye”

We went for a pre-op appointment a week before his surgery and that’s when Ted and I found out that everything in his right eye was black, there was no more light going through. We just turned and looked at each other as our hearts sank for him. He never told us, he never complained about any of it.

The next day we went for a tour of the hospital. The nurse started explaining all that was going to happen, and when she asked him if he wanted to smell the flavors of anesthesia, that’s when he got nervous.

They showed us what they call the Game Room. It’s where they prepare you for surgery. There you can watch TV, movies; play games or choose from all the video game consoles. He of course chose Xbox.

Kraus House Mom
Waiting to go to the Game Room
Kraus House Mom
Video games relax him

He was fine until the nurse started to give him drops, he did yell at her…he hates to have his eyes dilated.

Ted went into the operating room with him until he was under.

When he woke up, the nurse said he was a little feisty, but that it was very common with eye surgery. He told us he needed to go back to sleep because he was tired, we understood.

After an hour, we were able to go home. He came in and planted himself on the couch and watched TV (for the next four days).

Kraus House Mom
He scored a new book and a pumpkin

I was surprised that he didn’t have to keep it bandaged. We had to give him drops every four hours. As soon as I took of the patch to give him his first drops, he could see. There was a lot of double vision, but he could see.

Kraus House Mom
Relaxing his “new eye”

We let him stay out of school until Friday, that’s when the double vision finally stopped, but I made him wear him patch. He only has to wear it to bed, but I don’t trust him and I don’t want anything to happen to it.

It’s killing him that he can’t have gym or recess yet, but he’d rather be able to see. He can’t wait to find out when he can play hockey again.

Blind in One Eye…Teddy Has Cataracts!

Do you know what can happen when a kid hits his head on the ice or maybe it’s from when he hit the tree riding his bike? The lens in his eye can shatter leading to cataracts.

As of right now, Teddy is pretty much blind in his right eye; he has been since at least July. You see, he has cataracts, at eight years old.

Right now you might be thinking, “How did that happen?’ or “He’s so young.” It’s not the kind that older people get, his is from an injury.

Guess what, you can break your eye just like an arm or leg, who knew?

Cataracts in kids

Let’s start this saga at the beginning…

At his regular eye exam in February, the doctor noticed a small cataract. A follow up was scheduled for six months to follow up and check it out again. Around May, my husband said that it had gotten worse because he could see the cloudiness in Teddy’s eye.

On May 23rd, I was talking to Teddy as we were on my bed and all I could see in his right eye was a big white cloud. I immediately called the eye doctor. We got an appointment for the next day.

Teddy’s eyesight went from pretty much normal in that eye to 20/500 in a matter of three months. After doing some research I found out to be legally blind your vision needs to be 20/200, he passed that. He could barely see anything out of that eye.

The eye doctor (optometrist) immediately recommended a pediatric ophthalmologist. He even called him on his day off to schedule the appointment for us.

Teddy started to get nervous when he realized he was going to have to have surgery to get his eye fixed. I told him that it’s really no big deal and that Grampie had it done.

Then he wanted to know the details. He’s the type of kid that would have Googled it himself, so I told him how they would do the surgery. He really started to worry. Then I was struck with genius, he’s a huge fan of Lab Rats!

cataracts in kids

I told him that they were going to put a new lens in his eye and he would be able to see without any problems. I said it would be like a bionic eye. I know it was a stretch, but if it was going to make him feel better, let him think he’s going to have a super eye.

He calmed down a bit and then asked if they could add a laser to his eye.

Fast forward to his appointment with the ophthalmologist; here’s where we find out that at this point in time he has lost all vision in his eye. He can only see lights and shadows.

Now my heart breaks, but I know they can fix it.

We meet with the surgeon and he said it would be as easy as fixing an adult’s eye. The bonus, he would really have to smash his eye to break this lens.

Thank goodness he says Teddy would be put under for the procedure. No parent is thrilled for their child to go under anesthesia, but Teddy is a fighter. He can’t get the nose spray flu stuff or his blood taken without people holding him down. He’s five foot three inches and 135 pounds, he will fight something coming at his eye.

cataracts in kids

He is scheduled for surgery at the end of the month. He will be taking a tour of the hospital and they will explain everything that will happen to him.

Now if I just keep Stella from telling him they’re going to take his eyeball out, we’ll be all set.

7 Reasons Teddy is Awesome

Today is Teddy’s birthday, so in honor of his seventh year; I’m writing 7 reasons why he is so awesome.
His Size– Let’s face it, the kid is a beast. He’s far from an averaged sized seven year old. As of right now he weighs 99 pounds and is four foot 9 inches tall. He may run like a Great Dane puppy, but he skates pretty well. If you need someone to cuddle with, Teddy’s your guy.

The giant Teddy leaving the NICU.
His Willingness to Cuddle-He may be turning seven, but as soon as he gets up in the morning, he comes and sits next to me (as close as he possible can). We sit and share a blanket and he will even still sit on my lap (for as long as my legs can take it).

First haircut

His Love of the Ladies-He is a ladies’ man. Rumor has it, he was given an ultimatum; he needs to choose a girlfriend by second grade. From my last count there were five ladies in the running.

Squeezable cheeks

He Wants to Be Healthy– He is very into exercising and eating healthy. The only vegetable he doesn’t like is artichokes (he HATES them, so much you can’t even say the word). Teddy has me tape shows on TV and he will do exercise routines right in the living room, until he works up a sweat.
Everyone poses on ladders
He Stands up for Others– He WILL NOT let anyone be mean to any of his friends. One time a third grader knocked down one of his friends and he demanded the kid apologize. His rule, don’t pick on someone smaller than you, come pick on me.

Undoing some buttons for the playground

Determination/Competitive Edge– Teddy wants to win and he will not quit until he is good enough to do it. When he started hockey last year, he was determined to be as good as the kids in the black shirts; this year he’s one of them. Kraus’ don’t quit!

Fashion flair

His Heart– Along with his huge body, Teddy has the biggest heart. He is always concerned with everyone’s feelings. If someone falls, he’s the first one there to see if they’re OK and to help them up. He is truly friends with everyone.

Teddy’s cake breakfast

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear!!!

Field Trip Joy

I have been on several field trips, as a kid, as a YMCA counselor and as a teacher. A few years ago I started going as a parent; I always go on the field trips with the kids. Maizie always has a bit of indifference about everything that has to do with school, but Teddy is a completely different animal and Stella is somewhere in the middle.
He started talking about the trip as soon as I put it on the calendar, counting the days. He got off the ice Wednesday after hockey took off his helmet and said to me, “Field trip tomorrow!” I didn’t think he was going to sleep. He was up early.
He made sure we sat together on the bus, along with his new girl pal “B”.  I took a picture of Teddy and I and I was uploading it to Instagram when Teddy started telling B about my blog. She was asking me the address, and is it dot com or dot net; I told her if she did a Google search it would pop right up. She was cracking me up.

On the bus

We get to Pezza Farm and we feed the animals first. They (the animals) knew it was coming so they started hooting and hollering for their food and the goats and sheep were standing on the fence. The miniature horses were calmer, since they could reach over the fence.

Handful of feed

Teddy’s wearing her

The horse’s head doesn’t look that miniature in this picture

Around the corner is the chickens, lots of chickens and that means chicken shit everywhere. When you walk you feel like you’re going to step on them and then of course there’s some kids yelling about being chased by a chicken or “it’s trying to eat me”. I thought the piglets were the cutest.


He is so cute

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

Onto the hayride, we all pile in and the tractor fires up. The kids get a bag of popcorn and we are off through the woods. They have some very tame decorations in the woods. When we drove past the skeleton on the ground, B shouted, “You SO have to put this in your blog.” I just looked at her, and thought she’s quite a pip.

On the hayride

We get to the cow pasture and this is where the slime happens. The kids get pieces of corn cobs and they get to feed the cows and a few horses. The cow’s tongues are repulsive. They get all over your hand, they have absolutely no tact. Come to think of it, the screaming wagon full of kids didn’t have much tact either.
Teddy kept dropping the corn and they poor cows (with their eyes on the sides of their heads) couldn’t get the tasty treats they were waiting for. So I did what I think he might have known what was coming as soon as I took his arm. I put the corn in it and held it out of the wagon and let the cow eat it from his hand. He did squeal a bit, but then said it was cool.

A regular horse

This cow’s name is Bashful

After Teddy finally fed one of them

We’re off to pick pumpkins. Some of them, goodness, you would think it was a life or death decision. All the pumpkins are the same size and shape (kudos to the farm). Finally the hardest decisions of the day were made and the names were put on the pumpkins; load ‘em up.

He finally made his life altering decision (or so you’d think)

It’s time to for the class picture and to head back to school (heaven forbid Teddy miss lunch). I must say, the ride back way much quieter than the way there. Teddy had a fantastic time (I did as well).
Thank you Pezza Farm, excellent field trip as always!

I Offend Teddy…In So Many Ways

Teddy is five and he has his own set of rules and standards that he thinks we (me mostly) should live by. He doesn’t like some of the things I do. Things I have been doing for longer than he’s been alive and things I will continue to do for a long time to come. He doesn’t realize that he’s the one that is going to have to adjust or deal with it.

He doesn’t like the way I brush my teeth. I am at a loss as to why he gets his knickers in a knot over this, but whenever I am brushing my teeth he has to make comments about how I’m doing it. I’ve been doing it for quite a few more years than you, I’ve got it covered. You know what you can do for me, not come in here to go to the bathroom (or shall I saw pee all over the bathroom) while I’m trying to brush my teeth.

He questions my driving. If I take a different route than his father does to get to the same place, you’d think I was driving him to the third circle of Hell, there’s more than one way to get somewhere. Soon enough he will realize his father opts for the “long way” and unless I’m taking them for a “nap ride” I don’t need to just drive around. He also questions why I open the window, why I turn up the air conditioner, and my favorite car question is why can’t he drive. BECAUSE YOU’RE FIVE!!! We have actually gone to pick Maizie up from school with him in tears over the fact I wouldn’t let him drive, “Why not, it’s a short trip!!!”

My favorite offense has to my sleeping attire. One day he told he didn’t feel what I wore to bed was appropriate and I should make sure to get some pajamas. Let me clarify, I DO NOT sleep naked, listening to Teddy’s rant you’d think that was the case. I sleep in a tank top or T shirt and my underwear (which are boyshort style). I don’t walk around the house dressed like that; I have shorts next to the bed that I put on when I get up in the morning. He wears just underwear to bed (and most of the day) and he’s got the nerve to tell me what’s appropriate. I told him if he didn’t like what I wore to bed then he should stop coming into my bed in the middle of the night.