All I Wanted Was Some Chinese Food

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Let me start by saying, I was not surprised by the events that happened this night. Things like this happen to me so often I don’t even think twice about it anymore.

My girls were staying at my in-law’s,  my son was at a pasta party with his team and my husband was at work. We had been getting Chinese restaurant menus in the mail for the past couple of weeks, now I really had a craving for some beef and broccoli.

That’s it, all I wanted was an order of beef and broccoli. Nothing fancy, nothing extra, just that.

I had to make a stop at a store and decided to stop at the Chinese restaurant in the same plaza. This one has about 50 “Voted BEST” signs all over the front of it. Personally, I prefer the one in town, but parking can be tricky especially on a Saturday night.

I go in to place my order. There is only one lady at the counter. I thought, “Wow, this should be quick.”

Boy was I wrong!!

One of the kitchen staff comes out of the bathroom, gets his coat, says good-bye and leaves for the night.

It turns out that this lady’s order was given away to someone else. This place uses the last four digits of your phone number as an identifier for pick up…more to come on that later.

For 10 minutes the older gentleman is trying to figure out the issue. Then walks in super pissed off lady in her pajamas (at 6 PM). Mind you by this time there is at least 10 people in line behind me waiting to pick up their food and I haven’t even ordered mine yet.

Pajama Lady got the wrong order, she got the lady in front of me’s order, but why Pajama Lady didn’t bring the receipt with her is beyond me. She’s not pleased.

Now that’s not even the good part.

As that debacle is going on (and I still haven’t ordered anything yet) the worker that left comes back with another Chinese guy and he is NOT HAPPY!!!!

Angry Guy starts yelling from the door (in Chinese) all the way over to the counter. Another kitchen guy comes out and starts yelling back (again in Chinese). The older counter gentleman stops everything he’s doing and gets involved.

The lady behind me leans to me and said, “I think we picked a bad night.”

I had to tell her that things like this happen to me all the time.

Kitchen Guy opens his wallet and throws all the money he had in it at Angry Guy. Angry Guy and Worker Guy leave as Angry Guy continues to yell all the way out the door.

Now, the food mix up still hasn’t been sorted out. Now that that kerfuffle was over the older gentleman can focus on the extremely long line that has formed behind me (out the door).

Pajama Lady gets the correct bag and now No Food Lady has to reorder (a lot of food) and wait.

YIPPEE!!!! It’s my turn to order.

I go up and tell him I want beef and broccoli, that’s it. Thankfully he didn’t use my phone number. He gave me a beat up index card cut in half with the number 22 written on it.

I sit and I wait and I observe.

About seven take out orders later, a guy comes in to pick up his order and gives his number. As the Older Gentleman goes to give him the bag, the customer notices that there’s another bag on the counter with the same number. (I told you I’d get back to this).

Now since the customer wasn’t positive of the order, he wanted to call his wife since she called it in. He actually said he didn’t want to have to come back…if he only knew.

Upon the customer’s further inquiry  about the number situation we all find out that if two calls come in too close together than both orders get the same number. This lead me to think it’s time for a new system.

Why not use names like every other restaurant that has pick up?

After being at the restaurant for approximately 45 minutes, I got my order.  This left me a whole whopping 20 minutes to get home, eat and then leave to pick up Teddy from the party.

When I told Teddy about this on the way home, he laughed and told me “This better be a blog post.”

Here it is, a typical outing for The Kraus House Mom.



48 thoughts on “All I Wanted Was Some Chinese Food

  1. I have never even heard of a place just taking the last 4 for pick up orders. The whole number sure, but I can totally see how the last 4 could get confusing. Maybe it’s time for THEM to give out numbers to the people who call in.

  2. Oh man, what an event. Whenever I’m in a rush, I always get held up by things like this. Crazy. It seems everyone is moody these days. I was at the post office yesterday and nearly saw a fight break out.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s OkayMy Profile

  3. That’s so crazy! Things like that always happen to me when I’m in a hurry. It’s nice when there’s no rush and you can just sit back and laugh. It definitely sounds like it’s time for a new system. Hope you enjoyed your food!

  4. Wow, that is so frustrating. Nothing like just wanting to get some food and having a comedy of errors happen. I have no clue why they don’t use a name system for take out, it seems like a might save a lot of trouble.

  5. You have way more patience than I do. There is no way I would have waited that long to order. You must have REALLY wanted beef and broccoli! ☺ Drive through would have been my dinner that night or a bag of chips!

  6. Wow that’s so crazy! I admire your commitment to getting that takeout, I probably would have walked right out of there when I saw how disorganized it was. They definitely need a better system.

  7. So I guess the use the phone number from caller id? If the numbers get messed up it seems that they would change it. I wonder what the money fight was over with the kitchen guy. So many unanswered questions.

  8. LOL!!! Sounds like something that would happen to me, though our Chinese carryout does a great job with orders. AND they usually throw in a pint of egg drop soup because they know my daughter loves it. Yep. We order Chinese takeout a lot. 🙂

  9. That seems quite the story and adventure for Chinese food! I really hope it was worth the wait. I used to order from restaurants, but since YouTube is here I just shop ingredients in an Asian market and cook some myself. Turns out, it’s not that hard!

  10. Ha! It sounds like you have a good attitude about the whole ordeal, even if it is because you’re accustomed to the wild situations. Hope everyone ended up with something tasty.

  11. Oh my gosh, that is nuts! I hope they sort all that out soon. I love that you approached the situation with a good attitude and were able to get a good story out of the ordeal. 🙂

  12. I hate it when things like this happen. I love beef and broccoli. I have a craving for it now lol. I guess it will be Chinese food for lunch tomorrow.

  13. Yeah things happen and if it happens that you lost your patience, then you too is lose.
    Its kind if interesting night you have. On the brighter side, you have a content to share, right? 🙂

  14. What a crazy experience to have. We certainly have some of those moments here when we venture into some place new. I will have to share our stories of restuarant scenarios that didn’t go horribly wrong, but certainly went south slowly.

  15. Well aren’t you glad you got more than beef and broccoli to share:) Some misadventures offer great insight into human behaviour ….helps us learn what not to do….interesting read!

  16. Well, there must be something wrong with how they are operating. I guess, they need to revisit it because if it will be continued, they will loose their customers.

  17. What a fun read. I imagine it was not so fun for you to wait for 45 minutes. We have been getting Chinese restaurant menus in the mail too a lot lately and it always makes me want to order something. So far we have always had the order right and hopefully, it continues.

  18. HAHAH what a fun read! It definitely wasn’t the right night but you had a fun story to blog about. They should stick to taking names instead numbers, it gets too confusing.

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