There Is Such a Thing As Too Much Togetherness

Kraus House Mom

Sweet mother of pearl, I am ready to get rid of my kids.

There were just home for ten days because they were on Christmas vacation and now we were just hit with this Bomb Cyclone. I know it sounds bad, but it’s just a nasty name for a winter storm.

Now the kids are back out of school for a four day weekend after only being in school for TWO days! Yes, I only had peace and quiet for TWO days.

Now when we’ve had other storms, the kids just go outside and go sledding. We’re fortunate and have a giant sledding hill in our courtyard. The problem this time?

Kraus House Mom

The temperatures! Oh yea, the temperature plummeted and don’t get me started on the wind chill factor. Today’s “real feel” temperature was -8°.

It’s not like I could go anywhere. Even though my car was cleaned off, it’s covered in ice and to top it off…the battery is DEAD. So even if I did dare to battle the elements like I was on Hoth, I wasn’t getting very far.

You know what happens when the kids can’t go outside or are together too long or are just breathing? A bunch of things.

  1. They fight and nit pick each other. “Mini Mom” (Stella) tattles about EVERYTHING!!!
  2. They eat all the snacks I bought for their lunches.
  3. Maizie will play Roblox and that torturous song plays all day.
  4. The kids start to smell. “If I’m not leaving the house I don’t need deodorant” That’s not really how it works.
  5. Any request from me is completely ignored.
  6. The neighborhood ends up here and boy is it noisy!!!!

I could care less about the neighborhood kids coming over, I don’t mind at all. But they’re all girls ages 9-12…need I say more about the volume.

I can’t wait for Monday, I’m counting the hours.


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