I’m Turning into My Grandparents



People usually start to turn into their parents, not me, I skipped a generation. I’m turning into my grandparents, my mom’s dad and my dad’s mom to be specific. It’s bordering on creepy and I may need an intervention.
New Rules-Nana came up with “new rules” daily. It could have been something big or it could have been something small, but everyday there was a new rule. Sometimes there was even a list of “New Rules” posted on the fridge. The thing is, they never last long that could be the reason why new ones keep coming up.
I find myself announcing “new rules” quite frequently. We could be in the car, at home, in a store it doesn’t matter. You never know when a new rule is going to happen and at that inception of that rule…follow it! Teddy even asks, “Is that a new rule?”
House Coats-I have two and I wear them. I’m not talking about bathrobes, I’m talking about step into, zip up the front house coats (one is velour, I know your jealous and the other is leopard fleece, you can stop coveting them now). Thet do have more flair than you’d see in a nursing home, but saying they’re fashion forward would definitely be pushing it.

I know you’re jealous




Nine times out of ten I put them on after I take a shower, before I get dressed so I don’t muss up my clothes before I head out to my destination. That one out of ten I will wear the leopard one all day if it’s chilly and I’m going to wear my pajamas all day.  You can ask my mailman, he’s seen the rockin’ ensemble
Organizing My Garbage-Well, I only organize the recycling. If you knew Grampa then you would understand completely. There were five people in the house when I was a kid and we only seemed to have one garbage can/bag on trash day. I have five people now and on trash day it looks like I cleaned out my basement every week. Poor Teddy has to take 4 or 5 trips to the curb to get it all out there.

I got it all into a cereal box!
I find myself compacting all the cardboard recycling into one small container. It could be a cereal box, a gift bag or some other random boxed food we had that week, but I feel it necessary to try to get ALL OF THE CARDBOARD into it, most of the time I am successful. If others would stop messing with my system, Teddy would cut down on his trash trips.

I wrapped my rubbish in gift bags
Sayings-I told the kids to “go wash their teeth” as soon as it was out of my mouth I looked at them. Stella was the only one that caught onto what I said, and then the inquisition began. “Why did you say that?” “Don’t you mean brush your teeth?” “Do you want us to use soap? ‘Cause that would be nasty.” I went on to tell her that my grandparents had false teeth and they would wash them instead of brushing them. Which lead to another inquisition.
I also called the refrigerator the icebox, what is this the 1930s? Teddy laughed at the slip, but of course Stella wasn’t going to let that go. More questions. I’ve also slipped and called the garbage rubbish and the iron the flat.
Naps-I have to take naps. My grandmother took a nap everyday and now I do too. The naps are not a luxury, they’re a necessity (CHF will do that to you). She took a nap around the same time everyday. I tell Stella to go get the big blue pillow and she and Alabama know it’s time. Stella gets on the other couch and Alabama gets on me. People joke and say I’m lucky, but truth is, it kind of sucks.
Stella enjoys our nap time, as does Alabama. We watch Criminal Minds and drift off until my phone goes off and it’s time to pick up the other two from school.
So I ask you, are you turning into your parents or your grandparents?

9 thoughts on “I’m Turning into My Grandparents

  1. Shoot, wearing a housecoat like that means you are turning into MY mom! She wore them all the time when we were growing up. I simply wear a bathrobe. I don't look so old that way. 🙂
    I am becoming my mother. When we are together, we frequently say the exact same thing at the same time. I laugh just like her. On and on. I have some of my grandmas, too. And my dad.
    I do the same thing with our cardboard recycling. It's amazing how much a person can fit in a little cereal box!

  2. Oh, I love the "wash the teeth" one. My Mom-in-law said that and we still love it! I'm not a housecoat girl, but I do have 3 pairs of flannel pjs (Job Lot) that look like exercise things if you don't get too close. Trash and garbage? Bigger the better! I don't squash up anything and I wonder each trash day why the recycling people even take my stuff. I must amuse them! Thanks for this today!

  3. I think that you've become my mother! She rocks that zip up robe likes it's nobody's business. I organize the recyclables too. It gets so much more into the can that I cringe when someone tosses an box without breaking it down or a can without crushing it. You crack me up!

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