Easter Eggs Without a Kit

This is a post redux from five years ago.

Every year it’s the same thing, “When are we going to color Easter eggs?” As soon as I bring home the kit, it’s an endless quest by the kids to wear me down and give in. Yesterday was the day, egg coloring day. I decided to get crafty this year and try using food coloring instead of my beloved Paas. I was quite impressed with the results. (The color of the egg, not the doneness…whole other nightmare).


Kraus House Mom

Let’s begin.

First of all, I have the worst time hard boiling eggs (9 and a half times out of 10 they come out awful), so I tried baking some of them. They came out WAY better than the boiled ones. They did come out with some mystery shmutz (of course they did why would they come out the right way), but it wiped off and they get colored and peeled off, so I didn’t care.

Kraus House Mom
Boiled some (these didn’t come out well)


Tried Baking these (came out very well)
Kraus House Mom
Look at the mystery schmutz

I gathered my supplies and got ready.

Kraus House Mom

Kraus House Mom
Can’t forget my assistants

Not using a store bought kit, I didn’t have the nifty pop out circle doohickeys to put my colored eggs in so I was wondering where I was going to put the eggs after they were dipped. I didn’t want to put them back in the carton because I didn’t want the color to smudge. Then I was stuck by genius (I’m overachieving here, watch out); I cut the bottoms off the egg carton with a bread knife and used it that way. Move over Martha, I’m walking by.

Kraus House Mom
My genius idea
Here’s my egg coloring concoction:
½ cup boiling water
1 ½ Tablespoon white vinegar
20 drops food coloring (red will need more to be brighter)
That’s it.
I put them in coffee mugs because I knew they wouldn’t break or crack with the boiling water.
I let the water cool of a little bit (I didn’t want a cold egg going into hot water). Then we were good to go.
Kraus House Mom
I gave each Kraus kid a spoon and told them to GENTLY put their egg into the cup of their choice. I put mine in purple and within 15 seconds, I couldn’t believe the color.
Kraus House Mom
This was only in for about 15 seconds!
Kraus House Mom

We were successful in our Easter egg experiment.


40 thoughts on “Easter Eggs Without a Kit

  1. The eggs turned out great! I think I just might get creative with the grand kids and try something like this.

  2. We have not colored eggs in years! It is usually because I don’t feel like spending the money on the colors. I think I need to try this with my kiddo this year it would be a lot of fun and I would not have to spend any extra money.

  3. When I was little my mom couldn’t afford egg kits so she used these same dyes. They totally work better than most of the kits.

  4. I’m not gonna lie, I was so happy when I didn’t have to color eggs any more. After all was said and done though, I think you might be giving Martha a run for her money. It looks like your kids had a good time.

  5. The eggs turned out great. Those colors really stand out. Sometimes when doing eggs the colors are not that dark, but yours sure are.

  6. These eggs turned out so awesome! There are definitely some great colors that came out when you guys finished up.

  7. Sometimes we like coloring eggs throughout the year and it is really hard to find kits outside of Easter. This is a great find! Thanks!

  8. I love the old-fashioned way of dying eggs! It brings back so many fond memories of my childhood because that’s the way mom always did it. I tried baking eggs once and they did have that stuff all over them and a few of them exploded in the oven. LOL

  9. This definitely brings back memories! I haven’t dyed eggs in years (or maybe over a decade). It used to be one of my favorite Easter traditions when I was a kid.

  10. I can imagine how excited the kids are to color eggs for Easter. I think it’s a fun activity and I’m glad they look forward to it each year. Such a great way to spend time with them and keep them busy and excited!

  11. The colors look amazing. I think the kids had a great time. I’m thinking of coloring the eggs this year. Till now, my mom did it. I also wonder what taste have the baked eggs. Never try it.

  12. No kits here either. We’ve always used food coloring and vinegar. Granted sometimes we used more vinegar than we probably should have it’s how my grandma taught my mom and my mom taught me.

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