How Stella is Like a Hollywood Has-Been

I wrote this about Stella two years ago. It is still true today.

Every little girl has a little diva inside them, but Stella is a Big Diva (in so many ways). There are times she reminds me of a starlet that has lost her Hollywood glow.



She gets in the tub with all her jewelry on and doesn’t realize it. Seriously, necklace, bracelet, headbands, you name it then she looks at you with an Oops face and starts to giggle.



She makes unreasonable demands.




She wanted to sit on top of the two stools.

She wakes up in the morning looking like she’s been on a week-long bender. Come to think of it, once you brush her hair she looks like that after 10 minutes.



No pants and one cowboy boot…enough said!


This is how she wakes up looking 85% of the time.


She still gets this excited over marshmallows.


She wants fame. She’s always wants me to take her picture and post it. Now she (and Teddy want to be You Tube stars). I can just imagine the stuff they would post because I know the stuff Ted won’t let me post.

I find her passed out on her floor.


I frequently find her on the floor, a few times she’s been under the bed.


She can go days eating like a bird, then binge like she’s going to the chair.



Some of her outfits could get her on the “What were they thinking” list.




A Stella-Blue original


Sunglasses have become her signature look.


She causes public scenes.


She needs her beauty rest.



Do not disturb


She calls everyone by the same name, Bubby. She’s too cool to use Dahling.

What do you think, is she a diva?

25 thoughts on “How Stella is Like a Hollywood Has-Been

  1. She’s very beautiful! I think a lot of girls love to be divas. I think it’s cute too. She knows how to dress with style!

  2. Such a diva! My daughter was just like this when she was that age and I suspect my granddaughter will be like this when she grows up.

  3. Now isn’t she a darling!
    I have 3 little girls so we can totally relate to life with a Diva! I have to warn you though…it doesn’t get any easier when they get older. Just add more make up, clothes and BOYS to the mix! LOL!!

  4. LOL. This is too funny. My daughter was just like this when she was younger. She is 6 now and even more Hollywood.

  5. So cute! She is a personality for sure, i love it and she reminds me of my girls when they were younger. little girls are so much fun

  6. Our children would be friends. They act a lot alike. If they have dress up attire and make up they would have hours of fun together!

  7. Born to be a Star. You think she could send Babushka an autograph now before her adoring fans become too numerous? BB’s completely serious; this darlin’s destined for the spotlight. BB2U

  8. Aw she’s adorable! She reminds me a lot of my niece, definitely a a little attention seeking diva, lol. Their cute faces is what makes it hard for us to be serious with them. My niece makes big demands and always demands attention, lol. 🙂

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