Today is the Day

Today is the day. I turned 40. When I was a kid I used to think 40 was so old and some days I feel it; while most of the time I can’t believe I’m actually the age I am.
How did this happen?
This morning I didn’t have to get up with the kids (it’s my birthday). When all the kids came in to wake me up, I opened my eyes and right in my face was the furriest of the four of them. (Yes, Alabama was front and center, how dare I break the routine and not feed her). Teddy was the loudest and the girls couldn’t wait to get me into the living room to show/give me my gifts.
I walked (was dragged) into the living room and saw

The kids insisted on getting a banner and made Ted hang it up after I went to sleep. It had to have a crown, of course.

On to the gifts, we take the kids to the dollar store for each other’s birthdays. Each Kraus kid gets $5 to but whatever they want. They are very proud of their purchases, they put in a lot of thought and they pay attention to what you like.
This is what I got

This is my Birthday Haul, picked out by the Kraus kids
Flowers and a rainbow centerpiece because they were just so beautiful.

Flip flops and sunglasses, because summer is coming. Notice I did not put the shoes on the table!

An egg slicer (which has been being used as a tiny guitar) and a spatula for my eggs (and it looks like SpongeBob’s)

Snacks, because I LOVE snacks! They can’t wait for me to open them. I’ll wait until after school because if not there is NO shot of Maizie getting any.

Surprisingly, this was from Maizie and not Stella. I guess Maizie has some flair buried deep down.

A travel toothbrush kit that I can use in any vehicle even a helicopter or a jet. It came with toothpaste, but we mysteriously ran out last night and needed to use the tiny one this morning.

A flamingo and a snow globe, who doesn’t want souvenirs?

Cups, can never have too many. Teddy got the red cups because I told him a story how I broke my favorite red cup when I was little during the Peter, Paul and Mary special and then couldn’t listen the Puff the Magic Dragon anymore after that.

6 thoughts on “Today is the Day

  1. Happy happy birthday!!!!! I LOVE taking the kids to the dollar store for them to pick things out for my husband. Their minds are so sweet. Although he usually ends up with several puzzles, glow sticks, and sometimes some character bandaids 😉

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