Stella’s Fury

We were making our annual trip to “Bird’s on Roof” to meet my family for my annual birthday dinner. Okay, Bird’s on Roof is not the real name of the restaurant, it’s really Champlain’s, but my kids have called it that for years and I’m not even sure they know the real name. But, whatever, on with the story of Stella’s fury.
We were driving and Stella and Maizie were asleep, but Teddy (who really needed a nap) wasn’t. He was holding Stella’s beloved doll, Lola. (The one that needs the baby sitter.) I look at him and he’s really concentrating on something; then I realize that the sewn on bow have been pulled out of Lola’s head. Oh boy, this may get ugly fast.
This is Lola and the bow
He was trying to get these strings

into these holes…NEVER going to happen!

I tap him on the leg and whispered, “What are you doing?” He said he was going to put it back on. That was NOT going to happen. Then it happened, Stella woke up.
The first thing I said to her was, “You know your brother loves you very much, right?” She said she knew that. Then I said, “You love your brother very much don’t you?” Once again she said she did. I said, “Okay, just remember that.” The whole time this conversation is going on, Ted and I are trying to hold it together in the front seat.
Then we heard it. A huge GASP of disbelief and horror and combined into one, I should be disappointed in Ted and my reaction because we absolutely fell apart laughing, but I’m not. We knew it was coming.

When she first saw it

Holding them tight

Pure devastation (my picture taking wasn’t helping)

She was so mad at him; she didn’t know what to do. He really felt terrible about it. Truth be told, I’m surprised that bow lasted as long as it did.

He feels really bad

She kept her thumb in her mouth so she wouldn’t hit him

Ted said to her, “Hey Stell, you know all that sewing you’ve been practicing? Now you can try it on Lola.” That made her feel a little better. Good thing this all happened five minutes from the restaurant.
We got there and once she realized that a bunch of family was there, she loosened up. I guess I’m going to have to figure out a way to get that filthy bow back on Lola’s head.

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