What a Weekend

My kids were livin’ large this weekend. I don’t think they’re this busy in an entire week during the summer. I hope they don’t get used to this much activity because I’m inherently lazy.
Let’s start with Friday. It was in the 90s, so I let the kids take a personal day and we went to the beach; as Stella said, “A beach day in the spring.” The cooler was packed, the kids were ready and the car was packed; we were out of the house before 8AM; that NEVER happens in the summer. We got to the beach before it even opened and we had to wait for them to open the gates.

Waiting to get into the beach

I didn’t think Teddy would spend that much time in the water because it was so cold. Silly Mommy, of course he was in the water the entire time. He didn’t care that it was 65 degrees. He did keep running up to me to make sure he still had time before the sea lions came. Stella went in and out (up to her knees) and Maizie got her ankles wet (as usual).

Nothing would keep him out of the water or Stella out of the sand

Maizie is just at the edge

Saturday morning was soccer as usual, except I was battling boob sweat (when it started a few weeks ago I was in a winter coat). Then I sprung it on the kids, we were going to “Da Pool” (my uncle’s house). Let me tell you, they can pull themselves together real quick when they want to, if they did that on school days I be a much more relaxed mommy.

Can never be too careful

Safety first, he did end up with just one safety devise by the end of the day

Once again Teddy made a beeline for the pool and didn’t get out of the water. Stella made HUGE strides at the pool. She has spent the past 3 years on the stairs on the pool and started out there on Saturday. 

Stella hang out for the past 3 years

All of a sudden my Dad announces she was about to go off the diving board.
 I couldn’t believe it, she did it. Maizie swam around like she lived in a retirement village (nothing new there).

Maizie relaxing, just doing her thing

Onto Sunday, the kids are off to Deerfield Park to play with their aunt. They played and ran and played and ran. When they go home they were exhausted, but Auntie Rey was hiding in the kitchen. I thought their heads were going to explode. (Alabama almost had a canine coronary once when she got here and then again when she left on the walk.)
After they filled in Auntie Rey of all their recent happenings they went for a walk. Now when they go for a walk with her, we’re not talking about around the block; these are epic, “holy shit my feet are going to fall off” walks. I even went to the grocery store long after they left and got back 5 minutes after they got home.
More stories and Auntie Rey had to leave, but not before Teddy got her email address. Teddy is a big fan of email.
I sat down to right this, and then I noticed it was too quiet. This is what I found.


Passed out reading Stella’s blog

She may never go to bed tonight

8 thoughts on “What a Weekend

  1. Best part of busy warm weather weekends is the kids are tired out! Perfect for us! 😉 We had some beach time over the weekend too & since our pool isn't open I got the kids a plastic pool to play in! Fun was had by all! I hope the kids enjoyed Deerfield, it is one of our favorite parks to take the kids to!

  2. i can not believe how much y'all did this weekend! i was so close to taking a beach day friday too – decided that any really hot days between now and the end of school will have to call for one a week 😉 LOVE how tired the kids get after all that action. one of my fav things is catching them asleep after all that swimming.

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