Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my collection of metal bowls. They have been put to good use this week. For some reason the kids have decided to randomly throw up. It doesn’t seem like they have an actual stomach bug, but they have hoarked for, which seems like, no apparent reason. One they take a nap, they’re fine. I wish I have the ability to boot and rally like that.
I am thankful for hot showers and “feel better bubbles”. If you’re a Kraus kid and you cover yourself in your own sick, you immediately get a hot bath or shower. The bath always consists of “feel better bubbles”. Did you know that they contain a magical substance that sucks the sick right out of you, that’s why your fingers get wrinkly really fast when you’re sick. Whatever works!
I am thankful that my kids (Teddy and Stella) seem to have no fear in the middle of the night. They walk through a dark house and poke the sleeping bear; then have the nerve to argue with that angry, overtired, annoyed beyond belief bear.
I am thankful that Memorial Day is this weekend. That means beach season is upon us. Too bad I’m nowhere ready to get this body into a bathing suit (I also have no idea where they are). Oh well, I look better than I did last year.
I am thankful I don’t have to fight with my kids to eat fruits and vegetables. I have to fight with my kids NOT to eat MY salad (while I’m trying to eat it). When I’m cutting vegetables around the kids, close to half of them can disappear before they make it into a bowl.

9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Feel Better bubbles!!!! That's a wonderful idea!! I'll have to store that in the memory bank to use when my little girl is older!! I hope your kiddos are all feeling better ASAP!!

  2. Boot and rally, lol! I hope they are all feeling much better now and there's no more need for metal bowls (unless you're using them for food prep). I'm not bikini ready either, but I'm definitely excited for the unofficial start of summer!

  3. I'm thankful for all of your dedication this week. I know it's been a tough one Toots. For you to have kept it together as well as you have this week is nothing short of inspiring. Love you!

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