What Did You Say?

These are some conversations that have taken place the past couple of weeks. Sometimes I wish my entire day was recorded because I know I am forgetting a whole lot of gems.
A cop drove by.
Stella: Someone called the HoHo?
Me: It’s PoPo and it looks that way.
After having a bowl of cereal and 2 packets if oatmeal.
Teddy: I’m so hungry.
Me: What do you want?
Teddy: Food.
Me: Did you get your shoes on?
Teddy: No. (He left the room to go get them 5 minutes ago)
Me: I’ve asked you 3 times.
Teddy: It’s raining hard out.
Me: So, you’re going to go barefoot?
I’m trying to make supper. Stella comes over to me.
Stella: I need to do something private.
Me: What?
Stella: Can you go?
Me: What?
Stella: I need to do something private in here.
Me: I’m in the middle of making supper and you want me to leave the kitchen so you can do something private? You’re 5, how much privacy do you need?
Stella: COME ON!!
Me: Not going to happen.
I caught her, she wanted to put Equal in her water.
Stella: See that tiny white dot on my finger?
Me: (Not seeing anything) Yea.
Stella: When you were at work, Teddy and Maizie pushed me and I fell into a mousetrap behind the stove and it bled everywhere.
Me: Really?
Stella: Yea, Daddy fixed it because you know, Daddy fixes everything.
I haven’t left the house to go to work in over two years and to the best of my knowledge, there has never been a mouse trap behind the stove (I haven’t bought any, I should know).
Me: If you get that shirt dirty, I swear you’re going to go to school in the same outfit everyday.
Teddy: I don’t want to go to school like a cartoon character.
Maizie: Where are you going after you drop me off?
Me: (walking to the car) I’m not going anywhere, I’m still in my pajamas.
Maizie: Oh my God Ma, why are you still wearing your pajamas?
Me: I’ve got three kids that don’t leave me alone. I don’t even remember the last time I took a shower.
Maizie: This is so embarrassing.

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2 thoughts on “What Did You Say?

  1. Hilarious! Many of these conversations sound like ones I would have with my husband, which is a sad state of affairs for us, as we have similar conversations as small children do.

    The mousetrap one was the best! I love how she thought it was believable that she would just be chilling and hanging out behind the refrigerator…as we all do.

    Visiting from the blog hop! 🙂

  2. These are so funny!!! I can so relate to the food one. My kids will eat and 2 second later want food again! Haha- three kids- I don't think I could find the time to shower either! SO CUTE!

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