Thankful Thursday

I am thankful Teddy has no filter. He says what he wants when he wants and I am especially grateful it happens at the most inopportune times. Like telling the female cashier what a nice man she is to asking if the people in the car are Japanese, I’m always on my toes and always shocked.
I am thankful that Stella is so tech savvy that she can hardly go 45 minutes without using my tablet, phone or computer. If, God forbid, I say “no” I get to endure foot stomping, pouting, yelling and “You don’t love me” out bursts; the joys of being Stella’s mom.
I am thankful for sun tea. I love iced tea, not sweet tea (that makes me gag), the kind you put in a jar and leave out in the sun all day and enjoy later on. I put some out this morning and I can’t wait until I can have some. I did have to answer an assload of questions from Teddy but once he tries it maybe in the future he will just let me make it.

I can’t wait to dive into this

I am thankful that Ted is now hooked on Candy Crush, now I am not alone in my anguish of being stuck on a level (or having just one jelly left that I just can’t get).
I am thankful for not having to get Maizie ready for school today because the kids have dentist appointments. Teddy is still hoping he will be out of there in time to make it to school (afternoon kindergarten), but by the time we get there Maizie would be considered “officially absent” so I’m not stressing about it. They are oddly excited to go, they keep discussing what flavor treatment they’re going to get, what color toothbrush, what color balloon and what prize from the treasure box…so many exciting decisions (I’m hoping for no cavities and they brush well enough).
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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I have given up on Candy Crush. When I heard it have like 8 zillion levels I lost interest haha But I completely understand, I was totally addicted! I also Love how excited your kiddos were about going to the dentist!!

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