Random Thoughts This Holiday Season



I have many random thoughts throughout the day (a lot of them are about commercials) some appropriate and some very inappropriate (I usually text those thoughts to Mimi so I can brighten her day or completely gross her out). These are rated G, well one may be PG-13.
Staticy hair doesn’t seem to annoy kids as much as adults.
Give kids a tablet or iPad and they will leave you alone for hours.
Why is it that when people are about to burn something in a fireplace on TV, they stand there and look at the fire for what feels like forever. Just toss it in and be done with it.
If you can’t find something fabulous to make on Pinterest, you’re using it wrong.
I probably shouldn’t have showed (taught) Teddy how to play Mercy.
I am eerily intrigued and equally repulsed by WaxVac. Don’t know what it is? Google it and then tell me if you’re intrigued, repulsed or both.
One would think the set designers for the Clapper commercial would have gotten a better shaped Christmas tree.
Stella gets equally excited opening a box full of presents as she does opening actual presents.
It’s never a good idea to put presents under the tree before the 24th.
Stella can say Happy Holidays up to 73 times a day.
Maizie will only talk to the Santa at Bass Pro Shops.
If you tell a Kraus kid they can open a present on Christmas Eve, they will ask ALL DAY until they get to open it.
If Santa’s plate of goodies is not on the mantle, Alabama WILL eat it.
It takes 17 minutes to open all the presents, but over a week for me to get the house back in order.
The neighbors must think we have a big Christmas fight every year. Our tree is on the curb as the neighbors’ visitors are arriving.  (This year with the tree stand still on the tree.)
Don’t leave Maizie, Alabama and a container of dog treats unattended; no wonder she’s so fat.
I can watch Duck Dynasty all day long.
Do not feed a dog a ham bone unless you want to clean up doggy diarrhea all night (thanks Auntie Rey).
Kids don’t realize that the “Big City” (Providence) is only three minutes away.
The only one truly happy about having her own room is Maizie. The other two miss each other.
That kid who found porn on his DS in probably crying because his dad took it away and he didn’t get a chance to show is friends.
I do not like the way to pronounce tiramisu, especially on the Volkswagen commercial. I purposely pronounce it terra-miss-you.
I don’t think I’d be as annoyed with a cow singing in my shower as the TV family is. I’d be posting videos all over You Tube.
The best time for Alabama to score some cold cuts is if I make a sandwich right after an ASPCA commercial.
The first snowfall is like the first kid, it gets all the attention. A late winter storm doesn’t even get shoveled.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts This Holiday Season

  1. Yup, those are random! And your randomness makes me smile. 🙂 I especially like the Christmas tree on the curb. I make fun of my stepmom and her need to have all holiday decorations put away before the holiday is even over. I once caught her putting away the 4th of July decorations on July 3 while 50 people were still at her house for a 4th of July party.

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