There Is No “We” In Football

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I live in New England. More than that, I live very close to Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium.

Kraus House Mom


Now, I like the New England Patriots and I’m glad when they do well, but I’m not in any way, shape or form a die hard fan.

The rhetoric that’s happening now doesn’t just happen here in “Patriot’s Nation”, self righteous, obnoxious fans are apparently everywhere.

From what I’ve seen and heard, I must say these two teams have some of the worst. One side just the other day harassed a girl for wearing the opposing team’s jersey to the game and the other side just thinks they’re entitled to a win and can’t handle it when they lose.

And enough with the smack talk, just NO.  If I ever saw one of my kids on the news talking like some of the people I’ve seen, I would die of embarrassment (and they would get such an earful). I’ve also heard of friends being “smack talked” to by grown men. WHY??? Grow up!

If you want to make friendly wagers like the mayors do, go ahead. But, squawking like a fool is very unbecoming.

I get it, you’re a fan, you want your team to win.

Kraus House Mom

Now onto my biggest peeve, the fans that consider themselves part of the team and say “We” when referencing their football team…No thank you.

I’d like to know what those fans have done to earn that WE.

Did they go to all the practices?

Are they paid by the team?

Do they go onto the field?

Do they play in the game?

What do they do besides watch?

I understand fans play a part in the success of a team, but enough to warrant some credit? No.

My son’s football team made it to the Super Bowl this year and I didn’t once say “We made it”, because I wasn’t out on that field. I didn’t play one single down.

For the next two weeks, all the news channels will be covering every aspect of the upcoming game, just like they did for Tom Brady’s cut hand. Now it’s all about, “Is Gronk going to play?”

I may not have a popular opinion on this, but it is one of my pet peeves.

May the best team win!

60 thoughts on “There Is No “We” In Football

  1. Haters gonna hate, Heather, but just remember it’s because they are jealous that we are crushing the NFL and their teams just aren’t as good. BOOM.

  2. I’m not bothered at all when people say we. It’s a true fan thing. I grew up in a sports-crazed family and we all played several sports. I always say we when I talk about my favorite team, especially my college team. I don’t care for either team headed to the super bowl but I’ll throw the best Super Bowl Party ever and watch those commercials like a boss. 🙂

  3. I crack up when people say we as well. I’m all, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were a player on the team,” and I usually get a dirty look. But it’s silly to me. Maybe because football bores me to tears.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s OkayMy Profile

  4. I’m not a huge sports person but when I was in college, I did get huge into supporting my college’s football team and often said things like “we are going to the Rose Bowl, etc.” I think saying “we” is just a way people/fans feel closer and more like a community.

  5. My family and I enjoys football, but we don’t have a team that we’re just super fanatical about. My colleague is a die hard Patriots fan. I can see the fun in being that devoted to a team. (Now baseball? I’m all over that.)

  6. Thankfully I didn’t grow up in a house full of sports craziness. My dad liked to fish more than he liked to watch any sport. I root for a college team, because my grandfather, and several family members attended that school. But I’m not all bent out of shape if they lose, and I’m not certainly a “we”. So thankful I married a guy who loves a good video game over cancelling weekend plans to watch overpaid guys run around chasing a ball on the field.
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  7. Way back Buffalo days I used to watch our Foot ball Team . On TV or at times we buy tickets to watch it play live. Although Buffalo Bills are not been good for years I notice a lot of Buffalonian spend money on tickets or merchandise to support their local team.

  8. I totally agree that credit should be given to the people who are directly involved and not to the fans. Fans are a HUGE part of sports, but I get perturbed when people say “We” won, rather than “They” won.

  9. I vote for the commercials and the halftime show.
    Go Maple LEAFS!
    Just kidding. Just kidding.
    My husband is a football fan – unfortunately he’s a die hard Lions fan, bless his losing heart. I think people just get really pumped for their team. Obviously some more than others.
    You should sit in on my 9 year old’s hockey travel team games. Now those parents are something else. That’s why I sit way way way off in my own little corner….

  10. Im a huge Cowboys fan and honestly I am going for the Patriots. Mostly because I cant in my right mind cheer for the eagles LOL.

  11. I’m a Vikings fan myself and was disappointed in the game, but the fans were just horrible to the Vikings fans. I couldn’t believe some of the Eagles fans were acting so terribly. I however am rooting for the Patriots now! I hope they win the Superbowl.

  12. I love Red Robin at Gillette Stadium and all the stores. I don’t really care about the game. I am just there for the food.

  13. I never really gave it that much thought, but I guess people really do say “we” when talking about their team lol…. my hubby does this about his team the cowboys

  14. Hmm, I’d be curious my brother in law’s take on this. While not a football player, he’s an NBA player for the Wolverines right now. I think they really appreciate the fans and it may not bother them. But I can definitely see your point!

  15. I’m just kind of tired of the Patriots. They’ve been caught cheating so many times, recording their opponents practices, deflate-gate and paying off refs. The refs never give them penalties like they do with other teams. It just seems like the Patriots can get away with more on the field. I guess haters are gonna hate.

  16. I guess the “we” has never bothered me before, since I never really thought of it. However, I will say the ugly talk can be really ugly. People can get downright rude with fans from other teams.

  17. You are so funny! My husband has said a lot of these same things, he is not a big time sports person. I am not either, we have three kids and out youngest is such a big time sports buff and jock. We are not sure where he came from 😉 and have had to learn the fun aspect of being sports fans.

  18. My son’s basketball team coach always referred to the fans as “the sixth man on the court.” Fan support is a big thing in sports and they are a big motivational force to help those on the field or court do their best.

  19. I laughed through the post. I am not a big sports fan but I understand the craziness around supporting your favorite team. I just wish everyone would be a good sport and not go overboard with their “emotions”.

  20. Not much of a sports fan, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. Fans do take ownership and love to support their teams. Passion and excitement makes for positive energy on the field. So, go ahead and paint your bodies and scream for your team.

  21. I really don’t find anything wrong with the fans use of “we” when referring to their favorite team. I guess it is just they are so into the sport that they feel they are part of the win (or loss). As long as my boys are stuffed with food, they can “we” all they want. Ha ha.

  22. I understand where you’re coming from, but, I am sorry because in our house, we do use “we” a lot when rooting and cheering for our favorite sports team. It just shows how much we are one with the team we support.

  23. I’ve never really thought about football so much that have been bothered by use of the term we. When the games are on I mostly do other things though I like to watch the exciting replays and know the final score, that’s about the extent of my interest.

  24. I will never understand the rivalry between teams, fans etc of opposite teams. I just don’t get why you can’t like who and what you like and I can’t like who and what I like without arguing about it.

  25. I like watching football both live and on tv but never give favorites on any teams, same as to other sports. This way, it gives me opportunity to enjoy every sports. Attending sports parties with nice food and booze and people shouldn’t be missed 🙂

  26. I don’t watch football but do keep up with whether my fav teams win or lose. I live in Texas so its funny watching people go back an forth about which team is the best as we have several major teams.

  27. I cant say I’m a massive fan of sports only in time of Olympic games I might take an interest! but I’m sure this is quite a common thing.

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