Middle School…What Have You Done to My Daughter?

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Seriously middle school, what have you done to my daughter?

The week before school was tough. We had some high anxiety moments with some breakdowns. But then the day came, the first day of school.

Years past she would struggle to get up in the morning. There would be fights with her siblings. We would argue about her pulling herself together so she could get downstairs on time.

Now, you know what she started doing? She sets an alarm. When I go to make sure she gets up, if she wants a few more minutes, there’s not a tantrum she just asks if she can have a few more minutes.

The night before she will pick out her clothes. She will even wear jeans again…it’s been four years since she’s worn them.

I don’t take her to school. For the first time in her life, she takes the bus. On the second day, she completely ditched me and now goes to and from the bus stop by herself.

The girl that suffers from anxiety, is starting to become social. She is even willing to approach the “really shy” girl in her class.

You know what, she even decided to play the clarinet. Even when she’s the one to make it sound like a goose, she keeps playing.

After school activities start next week and even though she says she doesn’t want to do any, she will. Once she sees all the kids that are involved, she will want to be too.


This is not the same girl, so middle school I would like to thank you. ย You have opened her up and let her expand her closed up world.


39 thoughts on “Middle School…What Have You Done to My Daughter?

  1. Middle school was life changing for my older kids. And while some people complain about middle school girls, it was some of my favorite years with my older girls. My twins are 11 and full of sass. I’m really hoping I survive the middle school years with them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My middle daughter started middle school this year too and it has been great so far. I enjoy seeing her excited about some classes and she even branched out and went out for tennis which is a new sport for her. Glad to see your daughter transitioned so well!

  3. Yes, Middle school can change a child. That is how my middle kiddo is this year and I ask myself what happened?! But it’s a good thing and really is odd how the switch just like went off this year … they grow too quickly ๐Ÿ™

  4. middle school is hard for a lot of kids. i know my daughter had a hard time. luckily it’s only a couple years and they get to high school. then they start whole new problems.

  5. I am so thankful middle school has been kind to your daughter. Most of the time, that’s not the case at all. Good for her for approaching the shy girl. <3

  6. How wonderful to see her excited about going to school and loosing that anxiety! My daughter started middle school this year and she is loving it so far. Fingers crossed that she has a good experience because I’m still terrified.

  7. My older kid just started elementary school this year and I can already see that she has matured and become more independent. Ahhhh I can’t imagine how exciting (and stressful) it will be when she starts middle school, high school and college. lol

  8. This is great to hear! I know that some can struggle in middle school but your daughter shining it awesome! My daughter is in 4th grade, so middle school is right around the corner for her. I hope she takes to it well!

  9. This is definitely a hard time – or the start of it anyway! She is so pretty – she will do great, I’m sure of it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck!

  10. Awe… My son started first grade and I remember the second day he wouldn’t even give me kisses. Now he goes to school all by himself everyday! I can’t imagine the changes he will make when he enters middle school! I am glad your daughter is doing well!

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