Life Made Easier with Roche Bros and The Dinner Daily

Kraus House Mom

Disclosure: I received a gift card and a trial membership to facilitate this post.

Ever get in a rut and have the same thing for dinner every night?

Do you realize you spend way too much money at the grocery store and end up throwing out a bunch of food that’s gone bad?

Find yourself with no time to do your food shopping?

I have three kids in two different schools and two play different sports. There are games on both weekend days and there is practice sometimes four weekday evenings. Meal planning, cooking and grocery shopping are tough, but eating on the fly is not healthy.

Well, good news! Roche Bros. and The Dinner Daily can solve those problems for me and you.

Roche Bros delivers and at some locations they have a drive thru where you can pick up your groceries.

Now you’re asking, What’s The Dinner Daily? It’s a site that will generate quick and healthy family meals for you based on your preferred grocery store.

Once signed up, you can choose from your local grocery stores and the recipes that are generated are based on what that store has on sale that week. Money saver!!!! It saves you the time and aggravation of scouring the flyers, searching recipes and planning a weekly menu. They do it all for you. You can even swap them if it’s not a family favorite.

Roche Bros is one of the stores available to choose and to make the process easier, you place your order online and then set up delivery or pick up.


Kraus House Mom

They are very meticulous at Roche Bros. If they wouldn’t buy it, they won’t give it to you. Everything come right from the store and it’s all the same prices. If the picker (the person gathering your order) has a question or there is a problem, he or she will contact you. ¬†As soon as your order is gathered, everything thing is put where it will stay fresh (frozen in freezer) and it is shipped that way as well.

Kraus House Mom

Now, if you happen to need to run into Roche Bros for something, I highly suggest you stop by their prepared food section. There is so much to chose from, it will be tough (and delicious).

One of the greatest things I have seen in a long time is their Ready. Chef. Go! It’s a prepared meal that is in parchment that all you have to do is put in the microwave. I was amazed when I saw it, BEST THING EVER!!!! No more frozen meals for me.

Kraus House Mom

Any busy family will benefit from The Dinner Daily and the convenience of Roche Bros shopping options, I certainly have.

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