Staying at Home…So Worth It

There are times I really miss going to work. But then there are days like these that make me so happy that I now stay home and make my own hours so I can be available for my kids when I need to be.

Stella had a presentation about a year long project her class was working on. It was about the state. Her class started working on it in November and they just wrapped it up last week.

All the kids got to present their hard work to their parents, grandparents, family…anyone they wanted to invite to the celebration.

My husband and I both went. He got to go because it happened to fall on his day off, otherwise it would have been just me.

There was a girl at Stella’s table that kept looking at the door, waiting. She was waiting for her mom to come…she didn’t. I know this girl because she lives across the hall from us. Things happen. Maybe she couldn’t get out of work or had an appointment she had to keep, you never know, but my heart broke for her.

The were teachers that came over to ask her about her project, but you could tell it wasn’t the same. When Stella was done showing her project to us, I went over to her, sat down and asked her to give me her presentation.

Ted and I left, and when Stella came home I asked her if the girl’s mom came, she didn’t. But, there were other moms and dads that came over and did exactly what I did.


This is why I am SO glad I have the flexibility to attend all the school events, and if for some reason my husband or I can’t make it, I know my kids’ grandparents will gladly take our place.


26 thoughts on “Staying at Home…So Worth It

  1. This is a fun way for the students to share their work. I have a 9 to 5 but my job is flexible. I don’t miss out on special moments with my kids. I’ve seen the faces of kids that didn’t have anyone show up for them and it’s tough.

    Kudos to you and the other parents for standing in the gap.

  2. I loved working from home when my kids were younger. It gave me the freedom to be able to go to all the school events.

  3. I loved being able to go to events with my kids. It was worth all of the times I wished I was back at work.

  4. I think it is mega sad that, that little girl’s mother was not able to attend. I think it is great that you and other parents made her feel special too.

  5. I have not missed going back to work one iota since I left the working world behind. I love being my own boss and setting my own hours. That’s the best thing about working from home.

  6. Your daughter looks so cute and happy. She must have been very proud! It is nice that you have parents around to fill in for you and your husband when you need them too.

  7. It’s so wonderful to be able to share those special moments with our kids. I am so happy to have the flexibility in my schedule for it.

  8. I worked outside of the home for many years. I have never been happier since I started working for myself from home, it offers me the freedom to take my child to the doctors, go to iep meetings and just spend some fun time with him.

  9. Stella is really cute, I think for sometime parents need to be there for their children, and that’s where you’re doing a great job, i feel sorry for the girl whose mom didn’t turn up, but I am glad that all the parents had attended the girl.

  10. I love being a stay at home Mom as well. Gives me time to work from home and follow my dreams and not miss any important events for my kiddos.

  11. It is awesome that you are able to go to the school events. I know when I was a kid my parents were always working and everyone else had parents or someone there for them. When my kids had school events I made it a point to show up at each one. Thanks for sharing your awesome kindness and your awesome experience with your daughter.

  12. There is really something special about being able to stay home with your kids. I was a stay at home mom for a long time with my kids. Now, I am a work at home mom with a bunch of different jobs and am still lucky that I get to do this.

  13. I’ve been working from home for almost 6 years now and I agree -SO worth it! I’m home when they need me, my husband doesn’t have to miss any work for sick kids, and I never miss any events!

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