The Birthday Interview with Stella-Blue

Kraus House Mom

My tiny baby is now nine years old…I’m getting so old!

Kraus House Mom

She and I have always been very close and even though she’s getting older, she still follows me around and knocks on the door when I’m in the bathroom.

We have a whole slew of TV shows we watch together (we ask the other two if they want to watch, but they decline). We call them “Our Stories”

Every year I ask the kids interview questions. They were the same for a while, but this year I changed them up a bit.

  1. What is your favorite color?    Black (yellow, blue and orange as well)
  2. What sport do you like?    Soccer and gymnastics
  3. What song do you love?    Chained to the Rhythm and Shape of You
  4. What is your best memory?    Kindergarten graduation
  5. What would you buy with $1000?    Bruins tickets or a bunch of puppies
  6. What is your favorite book?    Ghosts and Flora and Ulysses
  7. What is your favorite app? and YouTube
  8. What do you hate to do?    Clean my room, empty the dishwasher and set the table
  9. What is your favorite family activity?    Vacations
  10. What do you do in your free time?    Math
  11. What is your favorite TV show?    Stuck in the Middle and Crashletes
  12. What do you want to be better at?    Sports and engineering
  13. What do you want to be when you grow up?    Imagineer  
  14. Where do you want to go on vacation?    Washington DC and Texas
  15. What is your favorite part of the day?    Science and social studies
  16. What do you like best about school?    Science and social studies
  17. What is your favorite food?     Candy
  18. What is your favorite animal?    Unicorns, dragons, elephants and dogs
  19. What would you change your name to, if you could?    Isabella
  20. What do you want to accomplish while you’re nine?    Be better at school

There we have it folks, Stella’s interview.

You can watch it here…

18 thoughts on “The Birthday Interview with Stella-Blue

  1. Oh my gosh what a wonderful idea! I wish I had done this with my child since he was little. I would love to give them a whole book of his interviews when he turns 18. I think I might just start this now even though it’s a little later.
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  2. Ahh, this is a great post. She will love this as she gets older but so will you. My kids being 17 and 19 I rely a lot on FB past posts to be entertained by the thing they used to say.

  3. What a creative and fun idea to do. That would be very fantastic for Stella see the compilations if you do this every year until she reached 18 or 20.

  4. This would be so nice if you could put them in a time capsule, only to be opened when your daughter has reached a certain age or when she becomes a mother herself.

  5. Wow, i love the idea! And yes, Happy Birthday to your daughter. Indeed time flies so fast. Savor every moment with her before she get more older.

  6. Kids grow up so fast – mine is 14 and maturing at an incredible pace. I like this idea of doing an interview with them – it not only shows how the evolve and develop but keeps you updated as a mum on their favorite things!

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