Teddy’s Love Affair

Teddy is in love, they meet every week day morning at 11am. I don’t know how he is going to handle next school year when he is at school during this precious rendezvous time, he might actually give into more sick days. You see, Teddy is in love with The Price is Right.


I introduced them one morning a few months ago and wasn’t sure if they would hit it off, did they ever; they have been inseparable since. We have actually had fist fights in the kitchen over whether or not TPIR was going to be on the TV during lunch. You see, Stella does not feel the same way about Teddy’s new love.
He yells, he hoots and he hollers. He has not found a game he doesn’t like (although he only thinks the Range Finder is OK, really does anyone like that one?). When Ted and I watch with him, he is amazed we know how to play the games, how many times do I have to tell him, it’s a REALLY old show. He loves it so much; he even watches it on You Tube.
He enjoys every game they play and he thinks the prizes are spectacular. He was really impressed when one guy won a trip to Boston, he went on and on. I had to tell him that we can go to Boston anytime we want; it is only an hour away.
I had come home from bringing Maizie to school and the TV was paused; TPIR is coming to Twin River (or if you’re truly from around these parts, The Track). He quickly informed me of its impeding arrival and how he HAD TO GO. Then I had to break his six year old heart, he wasn’t eighteen, complete devastation. What was he going to do?
Since his utter disappointment, there have been several questions concerning the production of the show; When is it? Where is it? He has now come up with a plan. On his eighteenth birthday, we (him and I, maybe the other three) are going to TPIR and he is going to be on and if he wins any “lady stuff” he will give it to me (isn’t he sweet?).

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  1. It's a great game show, and how fun would it be to have an episode just for little kids?? I don't think mine have ever seen it. What kind of terrible mother am I?

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