I’m on the Edge of a Before

You know how you see makeovers on TV or in magazine and you think wow how did she let herself get like that? Well, I think I may have become a “before picture” of my former self, or I’m on the express train there. I tried on a bunch of my clothes and they don’t fit, talk about the fast track to pissing me off. I have spent the past year in mostly yoga pants and a pony tail.
It’s not just that, I went nine months without getting a haircut. I can’t believe I went that long. I got my hair cut in August and do you know how many times I have “done” my hair? Probably four. My hair is in a pony tail this very moment.
I hardly put make up on anymore either. In the summer it didn’t matter, I was nice and tan; now it matters. When I’m getting ready to go out somewhere, it hardly crosses my mind to gussy up my face. Seriously, this has got to stop.
Since I don’t wear makeup (or even real pants), you can absolutely forget about jewelry. I don’t even wear my watch anymore, because I’m too lazy to put it on. Talk about pathetic.
In my past life, I dressed the part everyday (even on dress down days). Now, my whole life is a dress down day. I need to pull myself together.
I can’t become a before, I need to stay an after.
I’m going to have to pull myself together (as much as I like being lazy) and actually blow dry my hair. I’m going to have to put on makeup when I go out. And I guess if I’m not going to work out I should put on some real pants.
Getting the clothes to fit will be the next step; as long as I don’t trip over this one (I have a habit of doing that).

6 thoughts on “I’m on the Edge of a Before

  1. Oh I have been in the "before" stage for far, far too long, so I know how you feel!! When I was on maternity leave, I fell into the yoga pants/hoodie/pony tail trap and it took me a SUPER long time to get out of it. Even after I went back to work. I would say…a year? Maybe more? You'll get there!!!

  2. I'm still fighting that "before" stage myself. I can say this – when I make the effort, and then look in the mirror, it is SO worth it. And get yourself a few pieces of clothing that fit what size you are NOW – now what you want to be, or what you used to be. Trust me, as much as I hated buying things in 'that' size, having an outfit that I looked great in regardless of size made a world of difference. Hang in there, and I hope you can enjoy the journey to your 'after' place!

  3. {{{HUGS}}} Its so easy to let things like caring for yourself slip when your daily focus is on your little ones!! If it wasn't for the fact I go to work every day I don't think I'd ever get out of my yoga pants (I'm actually working from home today and happily sitting in my yoga pants).

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