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The Sisters Go to New York City

Over the summer my sister and I went to New York City. We go every year.

As usual we had a list of things we wanted to do.

Kraus House Mom


Some were achieved, and one was not!

The list was short this year.

We wanted to…

  • Go to Dylan’s Candy Bar (of course)
  • Go to the top of a building
  • Get a cupcake from the Sprinkle’s ATM
  • Go to Minus 5 Bar
  • Go to Central Park

We went to Dylan’s because I have three kids and all hell would break loose if I came home and didn’t have candy for them. Not to mention that I love that store.

Kraus House Mom

We were trying to decide between the Freedom Tower and Top of the Rock. We ended up going to Top of the Rock because it’s closer to Dylan’s and Central Park and deep down, we’re kind of lazy. The only problem was that it was SO humid that we couldn’t see as far as we would have liked.

Kraus House Mom

We went to the Minus 5 Bar, in sandals and dresses. We had been at an event and there were quite a bit of drinks already consumed before we even got here, I won’t mention what number beverages those two were of the day. One of us spilled her drink as she was picking it up, the bartender was a great guy, good thing it wasn’t crowded. That place is so cool, I wish I could have brought in my camera.

Kraus House Mom

We went INTO Central Park, after we were accosted by several vendors trying to get us to ride in their bike thingy. Every single one we walked past jumped in front of us to ask if we wanted a ride, not if it’s $200. Since is was so hot, we did a quick loop and were done. We saw a childhood friend while we were there, we didn’t say Hi.

Kraus House Mom

Kraus House Mom

Now we get to the Sprinkle’s Cupcake ATM saga. I’ve been trying to get one out of that machine for over 3 years. How do you think it went this time?

Kraus House Mom

We also got to do a some other things.

We saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island while on a boat tour.

Kraus House Mom

Kraus House Mom

We went on The Ride. It’s very entertaining, the best part is watching the people around the performers. They look around trying to figure out what’s going on, it’s great.

Kraus House Mom

We made a homeless lady cry hysterically when we gave her our dinner.

I finally found the LOVE sculpture.

Kraus House Mom

We got to see pigeons flying around Penn Station, I didn’t even know they stayed up that late, but it is New York City.

Kraus House Mom

We had a great few days, despite the ridiculous heat.

Until next time…

What Happens in NYC Ends Up Here

A few weeks ago I wrote about the things that I wanted to do while my sister and I were in New York City for some blogger conferences. We did most of the list.

All Aboard!
All Aboard!

Dylan’s Candy Bar- We went there and I finally got the Bean Boozled jelly beans for my kids, I couldn’t find them anywhere in Rhode Island. They were able to do the challenge. I also sent them a giant box of candy that arrived before I got home. Ted said they were flipping out!

Kraus House Mom
Lots of spending on these corners

Sprinkle’s- Guess what, I was not meant to get a cupcake from the ATM. We got there and it would be 30 minutes while they refill it. Someday, Sprinkle’s, someday.

Big Gay Ice Cream, High Line
THE BEST ice cream (American Globs) and a view from the High Line

Big Gay Ice Cream – I have been craving it since we left. I was SO GOOD!!!! I ordered American Globs, vanilla soft serve (I prefer soft serve) covered in chopped pretzels (not tiny ones either) then drenched in chocolate. Oh sweet mother of pearl, it was so worth the trek to the West Village.

Chelsea Market – So much goodness in there. But, the highlight of being there was when Tami chased down Wallace Shawn. If you don’t think you know who he is, guess again. Since The Princess Bride is our all time favorite movie, Tami and I got a picture with him. Mr. Shawn, sorry she chased you down, but thank you for the highlight of our trip.

Kraus House Mom
Kraus House Mom
So Much to see, eat and buy

The High Line – What gorgeous views, and so many spots to sit and relax. It was a relaxing walk and it seemed much shorter high above the street. I probably would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t 117 degrees outside (it really wasn’t, but it was hot).

Mood – We popped into Mood while we were on our way back to our hotel after our pub crawl (more on that later). I grabbed Maizie a tote bag and she has been carrying it around like it’s filled with gold.

Kraus House Mom
Maizie needed a Mood tote

Central Park – By the time we were near the park it was kind of dark and neither one of us wanted to be the subject of an SVU episode, so we decided not to go.

The Subway – I loved riding the subway! Once I figured out if we needed to go uptown or downtown, we were like pros. Unfortunately I didn’t see any interesting characters while on it.

Kraus House Mom
Quick and easy trips

Minus 5 Ice Bar – As much as we wanted to go, we couldn’t fit it into our schedule. I will go there someday!

There were places we went and things we did that weren’t on the list.

Bloomingdale’s – Tami needed to get new shoes while we were there and as we came out of the subway she saw Bloomingdale’s. So, in we went. Did you know that if you are visiting from out of town you can show you license and get a coupon?

Pub Crawl – We happen to have gone until 3:30pm on Wednesday only eating a box of Mike and Ikes. By then we were STARVING so we went to have a bite to eat. Of course we had a beer with our burgers. Then we noticed Happy Hour started a 4pm and beers were only $4. Being good Irish girls; we ordered another (once it was past 4pm). We were headed back to our hotel and saw another drinking establishment that we HAD to go patronize. We started our own little pub crawl.

Kraus House Mom
Lots of drinking

Eating Al Fresco-We ate outside at a Mexican restaurant. It was just like you see on TV. Of course, because something is always going on in NYC there was construction going on at the corner where we ate and another restaurant down the block had it’s fire alarm going off constantly.

We headed to a very crowded Times Square a couple of times, because it was only a couple of blocks away and why not?

Times Square

While we were walking in Chelsea, Ty Pennington walked by us. Tami was too busy looking at the tiny dog next to us, because she probably would have chased him down as well.

After a few days and approximately 50,000 steps, we were ready to head home. Next time we will conquer more of the Big Apple (I’m coming for you Sprinkles!)