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Kraus House Mom

We were sent the Gemmies Design Studio and some Gemmies Activity Packs to review and if there’s anything that Stella loves, it’s a crafty kit.

She was so excited when this arrived. She immediately opened one of the smaller activity packs and went to work.

We opened the Design Studio Create Your Own Kit and it was magnificent. There is storage for all the beads and elastics. Then to top it off, there’s a light up display area where you can place your finished designs.

Kraus House Mom

The kits come with template cards for specific designs. We started to make the ice cream cone. I’m not going to lie, this is where frustration set in…for both of us.

The elastics and beads are easy to maneuver at first, but connecting them takes some finesse.

At times the directions are tricky to follow, but manipulating the beads to match the card helps.

The hardest part was at the end, trying to connect the ends together. She couldn’t get them to connect without other beads falling off, sending her into a mini fit.

We tried another design and she ran into the same problem.

Since the name is “Design Your Own” she decided to start making her own designs.

Kraus House Mom

Within fifteen minutes she made not one, but two bracelets for her and her sister and another for her doll.

Kraus House MomKraus House Mom

She is determined to make the designs that are on the templates and I am sure she will succeed.

Did we like Gemmies? Absolutely!

This is fantastic for anyone that wants to create and sparkle.

You can check Stella out here…


Disclosure: I received these products in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are strictly my own.

52 thoughts on “Designing with Gemmies

  1. That is so fun! I want to get this for my niece because she is SOOOOO into jewelry right now and would love to make her own.

  2. My daughter is obsessed with jewelry! Such a fun way to make it your own! I’ll have to get this for her when she gets a little older.

  3. Omg how fun is this!!?! My daughter would absolutely love something like this! Then again what little girl would love to make jewelry

  4. They look like fun, I’m a girly girl so this would totally work for me. hahahha My daughter is too but she is only 4, she might need to be a bit older to minimize the melt downs.

  5. These gemmies have so many colors and they are very cute! Girls can make her own bracelets to give to their friends or they can use them to decorate their rooms. Thanks very much! I’ll buy some for my daughter at home!

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