Hot New Collectibles…Surprizamals!

I was offered the opportunity to review Surprizimals™ by the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company and let me tell you, I jumped at the chance. If there is something that is hidden in some sort of container, my kids want it desperately. It doesn’t matter what it is. Blind bags, mystery bags, grab bags, things from the claw machine, it doesn’t matter, they NEED it.

Then you throw in the girls’ love of stuffed animals and now you have a winning combination.

My girls can barely fit in their own beds because they have so many. In fact I had to find a place for Maizie to put her because she was only sleeping on four inches of her bed.

Put together stuffed animals and mystery containers and what do you have? Surprizimals™.

Kraus House Mom
They’re on Stella’s bed…surprise, surprise!

They are a new line of collectible plush stuffed animals made of soft, high quality plush that hide in surprise packaging called Surprizaballs. Series one has twelve characters, with over 60 new characters to collect in series two launching in fall of 2016 (the Wackies, Cutie and Mini Surprizamals™)

They are retailing from $2.99 to $4.99 and are available exclusively at

What did we think about them?

I can’t believe how great these are, and the Kraus Kids fell in love with them.

They come in these round plastic balls and you can’t tell which one you’re going to get, it adds to the suspense.

The kids and I thought they are going to be small, like the stuffed animals that hang from backpacks, but they are not. We were shocked at their size.

Kraus House Mom
They’re sitting down too

Don’t get me started on how soft they are.

Teddy was skeptical on them, he’s a boy and wasn’t sure. He figured that they would be “a girl thing”. He ended up opening the panda, which happened to match some of his other toys, go figure. He was impressed with how soft, cute and big it was.

Just like other mystery collectibles, there are “tiers”;  common, collector, rare and ultra rare. We opened Hailey the unicorn (collector), Mandy the panda (rare) and Ellie the elephant (rare).

Kraus House Mom
The collection

Not only do you get the plush animal, inside each ball they come with their own matching activity sheet and stickers, bonus!

Kraus House Mom
Kraus House Mom
The stickers

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company really has a winner with Surprizamals™. My kids want to collect all of them!

Here’s the unboxing video the Kraus Kids did…

For more information, visit

Disclosure: I was sent Surprizamals™ to review, but all opinions are completely my own.

28 thoughts on “Hot New Collectibles…Surprizamals!

  1. Those are adorable. I am making up gift baskets for two little boys that just became big brothers – I think these would make a great addition to the baskets. They (like your girls) love stuffed animals!

  2. Look how cute those stuffed animals are! My son and daughter would both be smitten with these surprizamals!

  3. These are super cute! I could see my oldest having collected something like this when she was a bit younger, maybe it is something my niece will eventually be into!

  4. My girls are all about the collectible animals. If they saw these they would really want me to buy them all!

  5. Thank goodness there’s not a husky dog in the group. Otherwise I’d have to buy a whole bunch just to get the one my daughter would want!

  6. Those are so cute! My girls would love the eggs with the surprises inside. They watch those videos on YouTube all the time. They’d be so excited to have one of these.

  7. Those are wicked cute. My little one is still into stuffed animals, so I am sure he would love one or five of these 🙂

  8. I’m going to have to get a few of these for my daughter. She is so into the “blind” any and everything from blind bags to subscription boxes. They’re so fun to open.

  9. Those stuff animals are super cute and the plush design makes them great for sleeping companions. I know my little cousins would want to have the entire collection.

  10. My kids loved surprise treats like this when they were little. It’s fun to buy them without knowing what you are going to get.

  11. These Surprizamals are so adorable and would make a great gift idea for any little one. I love that they come in a special container which makes them more surprising. Thanks for sharing these adorable plush animals.

  12. I have to hide this article from my daughter. She loves collecting stuffed animals and these are cute. I’ll get her a few for her birthday and as a surprise.

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