Life with a Dog

I am Alabama Worley and I am the Kraus House dog. Let me tell you about myself.

I bark at any and every noise that is normal. Something out of the ordinary, who cares?

Barking at NOTHING
Barking at NOTHING

If a neighborhood dog barks, I NEED to respond. It doesn’t matter what time it is. You return your calls and texts, don’t you?

It doesn’t matter how many people are in the house I need to go to Mommy for everything (even if she’s sleeping).

I no longer feel it’s necessary to stay in the backyard. I want, no I need to roll around on the neighbors’ lawns and have them bring me back home. I really like to do this on holidays.

I will smack you with my paws until you give me love. If you stop, the smacking will continue.

I don’t like anyone to put anything in that metal box attached outside the front door, especially that guy dressed in blue who carries that giant bag. How dare he come here everyday except Sunday?

I have to go outside at 11PM and bark. This is how I tell my friends I’m going to bed.

I probably licked a puddle here
I probably licked a puddle here

When I come upstairs to check on the kids with you, I like to wag my tail against the wall, just so I can see if I can wake up one of the kids.

I completely ignore Mommy when she calls me or tries to get me out of her spot, but I can hear her take a deli bag out of the fridge from three room away.

I even steal the blankets
I even steal the blankets

I walk really close behind Mommy when she vacuums, then I yelp and make her feel bad when she accidently steps on me.

I drool all over the place whenever Mommy eats baby carrots. Baby carrots, marshmallows and deli meats are the only things I beg for.

I wash my paws and leave wet spots on the couch and her bed all the time. Daddy can’t stand the sound it makes (it is pretty repulsive).

I need to be fed at 3:30PM, 5PM and 6PM by MOMMY! If anyone else gives me my food, it doesn’t count. She has to put the food in my bowl.

I use the pillows
I use the pillows

Even though I do all these things that would get on anyone’s nerves on a daily basis, she always has time for me. She always makes sure I have enough love and a spot on the bed to sleep on.

30 thoughts on “Life with a Dog

  1. I agree on the mailman – what’s with no Sundays?! 😉 Mr Cooper loves to chat back and forth with our neighbor dogs too. Except we have a jerky neighbor that calls in on another neighbor’s dog almost every week – so far no visit for me.

  2. i love seeing the pics you post about her everyday. we have an 85 pound golden and he is a mush. i can’t imagine life without him even when he is acting like my 4th child!

  3. This is too cute! When my dog was a puppy, he never barked. Once he got 2 years old, he barks at everything. However, I do have to say that he makes an entirely different sound if anything is approaching our house. I’m thankful for that.

  4. I really love this article. My spirit animal is a golden retriever so I can totally relate. The other day I found myself sharing an organic dog biscuit with my best friends dog. I know that may sound weird but I just have a connection with the four legged kind.

  5. Alabama Worley is so adorable! Oh to be a dog, life would be so simple. My little Loki lives quite the charmed life with all his new toys and constant attention he gets from everyone at home <3

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