Fish?…What? How Did This Happen?

Kraus House Mom

The kids and I went to the school carnival and since I’m on the PTO board, I had to help out with the festivities. That meant my kids were on their own.

There were games to play and prizes to be won, including fish. I was well aware of the fish beforehand (I helped plan this event) and the Kraus Kids were given strict instructions NOT TO PLAY THE GAME WITH THE FISH!!!!

So my question is: How did we end up with not one, but TWO fish?

It was the end of the night, and Maizie walked by me…carrying a bag with a fish. I practically sprinted over to her, to find out why, why, why she had a fish.

It turns out a boy in her class gave her the fish. It’s that just fantastic!

Stella (the family informant) sees Maizie has a fish and can’t wait to rat her out. I told the stoolie that I already knew she had the fish. That didn’t sit well with her.

“Why does she get to have a fish? I’m the responsible one.” (Can’t deny that.) “I hope she’s not going to keep it in her room…” She went on to tell me some of the unfortunate things the fish may encounter if it stayed in there. I told her it would stay on the mantle so we could all enjoy it (we’re so lucky).

The carnival ends and we are now fish parents. We’re all cleaning up the carnage of the night and guess what? Stella scores a fish from a friend that won six. Then there were two.

Thank God, Teddy didn’t care that he didn’t have one, three might have put me over the edge. Yea, they’re only fish, they don’t last long, blah, blah, blah. But, birds, reptiles and fish give me the creeps! And I’m the one that’s going to have to clean these slimy beasts.

We get home and of course we don’t have a fish bowl, and there’s now way in Hell I’m putting them in anything I plan on using for food, so I put them in flower vases and put them on the mantle.

Kraus House Mom
I may never use these vases again!

Now I need to go to the pet store.

At the pet store, I find out that these fish are the dirty skevortzes of the fish world, why wouldn’t they be?

The thought of putting anything fancy in the bowl that will get slimy and I’ll have to clean, NO THANK YOU!

I got a simple container (that locks…can’t trust these kids), a jar of food and a net to scoop the bastards. Goldie and Amazing (that’s their names) are transferred and by the end of the night, the water is filthy. I’m not cleaning it everyday, not happening. I’ll do it once, maybe twice a week if we can’t see them anymore.

Kraus House Mom
Locked on the mantle for all to see

I’m sure these fish will last forever.

9 thoughts on “Fish?…What? How Did This Happen?

  1. Oh no! I’d make them clean it. Odds of survival lessen. Four years ago my husband promised my son he could get a bearded dragon when he turns 10. Well….he turn’s 10 next month and still remembers. Help me!

  2. Yes, they can live a LONG time! We bought some for our girls as a first pet and they lived for a couple years until they jumped out of their tank. If they hadn’t done that, I’m sure they’d still be with us 5 years later!

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