My Strange Day

Yesterday was a strange day. It started out normal, but that all flew right out the window once I hit the Laundromat.
Last week the washing machine shit the bed (if it finally did is yet to be determined because it has happened before).  Since I have three kids, two of them girls that like to play dress up with regular clothes, one of the girls can easily wear three to four outfits a day and a boy who uses his shirts as napkins, I have lots of laundry every week (every day). I put it off for as long as I could, but I had to get some clothes washed. So off I go with three huge baskets full.
I get there and put all my stuff in the washers, and then I sit and wait. A guy came in, sat down and started talking to me. Whatever, we’re both sitting there. Then he starts telling me how his life completely fell apart. He drifted off into the land of TMI, and I just sat and listened; I didn’t want to be rude. (As his story went on, I felt like my friend Mimi, she talks to these kinds of people ALL THE TIME. She’s like a magnet.) As it turned out, he was a convicted felon, a mentally ill felon to boot.  Then my washer was done and I went home to dry my clothes in my own dryer.
Ted had gotten Teddy and Stella hot chocolate Coolatas while Maizie was at school, and they immediately informed her of this, hell hath no fury like Maizie jipped. So I walked with Maizie to Dunkin Donuts.
When we walk, it’s all side streets; we never go on the main road. So we’re at the corner of my block and this OLD guy with a handicap placard hanging for his mirror was at the stop sign. Didn’t think much of it, there are hundreds of people who stop at that sign every day. As we turned the corner and he drove by, he yelled out the window to me. He yelled, “Hello, hot stuff!” as he drove by. I almost fell on the sidewalk from shock and laughter.
We get to Dunkin Donuts and of course Maizie wants a donut, I did too (so much for all the walking I did). We get them and then have a seat. Then I couldn’t believe my ears or eyes.
A woman who was well into her 80s was flirting (quite overtly) with the 60ish men in DD.  One of the men got up to go to the bathroom and she said he had a nice body and then she started an inquisition. How old was he and does he date?
OMG, I’m sitting there trying not to choke on my donut. She then proceeded to tell the men he had great legs and she did too. I wish I could have taken a video, but it would have been so obvious. You go get ‘em lady!
Onto my trip to Walgreen’s; I almost hit a coyote. The sucker ran right across the street (in front of my car) and into the woods next to the miniature golf course. I will not be heading there anytime soon, nor will I be going to the playground in the area the wild beast came from, there’s plenty of playgrounds around, don’t need to visit wild kingdom.
For the rest of the night, everything else was relatively normal.

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