Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Stella loves me so much that she’s willing to physically attack the other two kids when they make an attempt to sit next to me. Not only will fists and feet fly, there will also be a bevy of crying and foot stomping with a side of, “You don’t love me!”
I am thankful that the couches are white and evidence of Alabama’s outlawed couched sleeping is prominent. I guess I’ll have to start to do late night patrols with my squirt bottle.
I am thankful the weather is starting to warm up, now I can send the kids outside to play.  They play, play, play and wear themselves out. The downfall is they get so tired that they sometimes fall asleep before bedtime and then are up all night or they are so overtired that they will cry over Alabama licking her paw.
I am thankful that Teddy is capable of getting his own breakfast sometimes, but I wish he would understand that just because you can make one thing doesn’t mean you can make everything. He gets up at the ass crack of dawn most days and he needs to eat immediately. The other day I heard him trying to make egg salad for breakfast. He has made it before but not without someone to supervise the mayo distribution. Thanks for getting me up at 6:17AM the first day of vacation.
I am thankful that vacation is almost over. When I was a teacher, I LOVED vacation as a SAHM…not so much. When one kid wakes up, comes downstairs and smacks another (for no apparent reason) that usually means we’re not going to have a good day.

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