A Snow Day is Coming!!

Snow Days aren’t what they used to be. They used to fun. I used to look forward to them. Now, not so much. There is so much preparation that goes into a snow storm, especially around these parts.
First thing, bread and milk, every house must have plenty of bread. All the shelves in the stores need to be cleared of bread. If you happen to forget, you’re out of luck. You need milk. Don’t ask why, it’s a rule. Okay just kidding, I know why, it goes back to the Blizzard of ’78 when people were stuck in their houses for days. (Back then they didn’t have the stellar forecasts we have today.)
Then you need to make sure there is gas in the snow blower (and the cars). If you don’t have a snow blower and you only have a shovel for this kind of apocalyptic snow event, then I’m sorry. If you’re lucky you live on a street where you have a neighbor like my husband and the one across the street. They each take a side and snow blow the shit out of sidewalks and driveways. Seriously, my husband does the entire block and Mr. Neighbor does the other. We have the best sidewalks in town (the mailman loves our block).
Driveway before the neighborhood.
Once everything is prepared, the waiting begins. Is school going to be cancelled? Is school going to let out early? (That is always a fustercluck.) If they do is it going to be a disaster like it was in 2007? It took me 45 minutes to go 3 blocks, luckily I cut through the park and that only took 7 minutes.
This snow event I am not teaching, although if there is school I will be there (100thday). If school is let out, it’s only a couple of blocks away and we usually walk anyway.
My dilemma is what am I going to get for snacks? During a snowpocalypse all healthy eating plans go right out the window. If I’m going to be trapped, I’m going to be trapped and happy. Do I want chips? Ice cream? Snack cakes? I know, all of them and then maybe something for the kids.
Once all the snow has fallen, I know it’s going to happen. It happens even when there’s just a dusting, “Can we play in the snow?” I HATE getting the kids ready to go outside. I must admit, it is easier now than it was two years ago (there wasn’t any snow last year). Now they can do most of it themselves. My issue is, if you’re going to spend all that time getting ready to go outside you should spend at least that much time out there. They go out and eight minutes later are coming in, WALKING THROUGH THE ENTIRE HOUSE, telling me they want to come in and want cocoa (which they don’t drink).
He attempted to get himself ready (2009)
Stella hasn’t even been outside yet (2009)

Hurricane Irene took that tire swing (2009)

They could pull themselves together better (2011)

This December I only had to help with the zipper and gloves.
I will then put all the wet stuff in the dryer; and it’s a good thing I do because; within the hour one of the three of them will want to go back out, but neither of the other two will. This leads to tears. So the solo Kraus gets himself (can you guess which one) dressed and takes Alabama outside for a whole eight more minutes, only to repeat the cycle again.

11 thoughts on “A Snow Day is Coming!!

  1. My husband and I always laugh, wondering why french toast is so popular during snow storms, seeing as how the store shelves always get cleared of milk, bread, and eggs.
    How nice of your husband to clear everyone's sidewalks. Or does he just really like his snowblower?
    Your description of the snow day, start to finish, is spot on. So funny.
    Good luck!

  2. I hate snow…probably because my native RIer husband won't buy a damned snow blower!! He did buy a strange and fancy wheely shovel.. We'll see how it pulls its weight on Saturday. 🙁

  3. We are from the west coast- So Cal, so snow storms are sooo exciting for us. There is no chance of keeping us inside. kids are in and out, but only for breaks for the bathroom or food. This is super exiting for these new sledders and snowboarders! 🙂

  4. Oooh, great post AND comments. I need hand warmers! I swear I went everywhere today and did what I was SURE was everything. And then it was dinner prep time and the dog looked at me and I realized that I didn't buy dog food! So, we ran out to get that, and stopped for shrimp and scallops and soup at Blount's on the way back…just in case! Now I need to set my alarm and go get hand warmers!

  5. So funny! I always wonder how much french toast is made during storms. We did our usual grocery trip last night… I swear we were the only people buying apples, broccoli and turkey bacon- and milk 🙂

  6. I don’t love snow; in fact, I am having a great challenge looking for a great model for my steep driveway here in New Hampshire. Shoveling is turning out to be a punishment.

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