A Day in the Life…

Some days the kids do so many things that I laugh at or shake my head at that it’s leaves me with a dilemma of what to write about. Tonight it’s a glimpse of some of went on today.
The Tooth Fairy came last night and left some fairy dust on the floor (glitter). Stella told me she was going to go upstairs and collect as much of the pixie dust as she could because she was going to sprinkle it on herself and see if she could fly.
Stella got dressed right away this morning and comes in asking if she looks beautiful. Then she needed to have her hair done because princesses always have beautiful hair. When it came time to put on the “glass slippers” this is when I knew it was going to be a difficult day. She said, “Princesses don’t put on their own glass slippers, they need help” and looked at Teddy, who got up off the couch at put her shoes on her feet.
Teddy and Maizie helped me bring out the garbage (or rubbish as my grandfather used to say) and Stella stayed in the chair, watched cartoons and (as Teddy put it) played princess.
Maizie’s other tooth is loose and Stella found out about it and she’s NOT happy. She made a growly face and said (through her teeth): I don’t want her to lose more teeth. I don’t want her to have more money than me. (The real issue)
Me: Why?
Stella: She’s not lucky, that’s why.
Me: That’s not nice and it has nothing to do with luck. Her teeth are going to fall out whether she’s lucky or not.
Teddy (using an angry voice): That’s not a nice thing to say to the best big sister in the world. Come on May, let’s go play Xbox.
Walked into the kitchen and found that the kids put the straws into cups according to color. Some might say that they are trying to help, but I know my kids and this is their form of OCD… Organize, Chaos, Destroy. Pretty soon these straws will be all over the kitchen and then into the garbage.
Teddy was wheeling Stella around in a chair yelling, “Free kid delivery! Anyone want a little girl? She smiles a lot and she’s very cute.”
Maizie had a marathon exercise session that of course ended up in a wrestling match.

Raspberry Torte had a very bad cold and had to be medi-vaced from Berry Bitty City to the hospital (our ottoman), but to ensure her privacy the windows of the plane were covered. Luckily this stealth paparazza was able to capture a few pictures before she was taken off the plane.

These were just a few of the happenings around the Kraus House today…school can’t start fast enough.

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