Today vs. Good Morning America

Since the whole Ann Curry upheaval and how the Today Show has been slipping in the ratings I became curious as to why. Why are more people watching GMA? How can they not be watching the Today Show? (I have been a devoted Today Show watcher for years).
I think my disdain for GMA started when I was a kid. I remember someone watching GMA thinking “What is this? Who wants to watch a show like this?” (For some reason I didn’t like Joan Lunden, possibly because someone told me I looked like her…seriously I was like 8) Maybe I wanted to watch cartoons and really what kids wants to watch a news show in the morning? Give me some sugary cereal and cartoons and leave me alone, I’ll tell you I’m bored during the commercial.
This month I may have had a change of heart (and channel), during the WEEKS leading up to the Olympics the Today show overdid it. By the time the games came on I was sick of hearing about them, about London, about all of it. I started turning on GMA. You know what happened? I started to realize why more people (especially younger people) may like it better.
Over at GMA they seem to have a lot for fun and it doesn’t seem forced. It’s also brighter and they just seem happier. Every morning I start out watching the Today Show and I keep finding myself changing the channel. Well this morning GMA may have sealed the deal for me, they used the word shvitzing, a word I use frequently yet rarely heard on a national new program. Well played GMA, well played.

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