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A Little Slice of Heaven …Citron Spa

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to get pampered at a spa. When the offer first arose, I jumped all over it. There was no way I was missing this. Boy am I glad I went.


The serene entrance and front desk

I went with a group of Rhody Bloggers to Citron Spa on Angell Street in Providence. We first went into a waiting area with a great view and were greeted with tasty treats and our choice of beverage. As we waited we were given heated neck pillows. Whoa, I was just glad to be out of the house by myself, this just icing on the cake.

The waiting area


Beverage and snack station

I was getting a Stress Fix manicure and pedicure. Soak your feet in the Stress-Fix™ Soaking Salts infused with organic lavender and clary sage, clinically proven to reduce stress upon smelling. This treatment softens the feet and legs with a blend of essential oils and a specially blended exfoliator. Enjoy an extended rejuvenating massage, followed by warm moist towels and finished with your choice of nail color. Who wouldn’t enjoy  need that? 
I can’t tell you how long it has been since someone other than the Kraus Girls has done my nails. We were lead into the Nail Bar and were able to choose from a vast array of colors. Of course since my favorite color Hey Vito Is My Car Ready? no longer exists I went with Black Cherry Chutney by OPI, another one of my favorites.

The pedicure station

I got cozy in my seat and Dawn went to work. My feet were soaking in a relaxing bath with aromatic salts specially designed to reduce stress. I was loving it, it was so relaxing. My feet were filed, de-callused (that took some time), wrapped in hot towels, massaged with lotion and to top it off, Citron makes their own sugar scrub with local apples. It smelled fantastic, like baking a pie.
Kraus House Mom, Carla of All of Me Now and Liza of Cira’s Lyrics getting our pedicures and look we all have the heated neck wraps on!

Dawn doing a fabulous job on my feet

Once my feet were done my hands were given their chance to get pampered and they were given the same phenomenal treatment. By the time I left, I was looking spiffy and pulled together, definitely not a haggard mom of three kids. For that, I thank you Citron!
The Nail Bar


Citron Spa offers a variety of spa treatments. Don’t believe me? Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with all the offerings. 

Now, how would you like to experience the pure joy and relaxation of Citron Spa? Well you can. I am giving away a small laser treatment of your choice (underarm, bikini, upper lip, chin or sideburns) enter and get rid of that unwanted hair.

Just leave me a comment below telling me your favorite spa treatment or nail polish color. A winner will be chosen at random (by on Friday, November 15, 2013, so make sure you leave your email address. Good luck!!

 **Disclosure I was given a complimentary manicure and pedicure to facilitate this review, but as always all opinions are strictly my own.**

Avoid Sensory Overloads

Trying to keep my house and my kids organized has been a nightmare. When I met Carolyn Dalgliesh and found out about the book she was about to publish, The Sensory Child Gets Organized, I knew I had to have it. (I think she may have written it just for me.) Had she been talking to my neighbors about the constant ruckus in the Kraus house?

When I was teaching, I never knew what sort of students I was going to have year to year so my room was very organized (picture labels and everything). My house has never been that way, and my daughter and I both need it. I’m sure my husband will thank you.
Well, the book came out this week and you can help your sensory child as well.
The beginning of the book, like any trade book, is full of technical language. Carolyn does an excellent job helping you navigate through the alphabet soup that is the acronyms of sensory children. She also offers suggestions for you, the parent, on figuring out the best method, system or style is best for your child.
Carolyn is not just some yahoo who is spouting some theory, she lives it. She is a professional organizer and she has a sensory child. She developed this out of love and necessity.
Her book is not a “one size fits all” approach. She helps with the fundamentals so you can design the space around your child’s needs. Carolyn also tackles the dreaded homework dilemma and offers suggestions on conquering that beast of a task.
The suggestions and opportunities to reduce stress in your household go on and on. One of the best features I found in this book was the twenty pages of resources. Information on where to get materials, information and support are all in there.
I would recommend this book to any parent, not just parents of sensory children.
Thank you Carolyn, although my husband is not thrilled with the list of ideas I came with.
*Disclosure…I was given a copy of the book The Sensory Child Gets Organized to facilitate this review, but as always, the opinions are all my own.