We all know who the Care Bears are. Well, On September 9th they want you to #ShareYourCare.

share your care

How can I share my care?

It’s so easy, You are probably doing every day without even knowing it. We want you to spread some loving, caring, sharing, friendship, acceptance, happiness and fun.

See, I know I try my best to do it all the time, but I will make an extra effort on September 9th.

If you have kid’s, I came up with 5 simple things they can do in school.

  1. Be a friend to everyone
  2. Don’t let anyone play alone
  3. Immediately go up and introduce yourself to a new student
  4. Help someone if they are having trouble with something
  5. Stand up for anyone and everyone if you see or hear something you think is wrong…DO SOMETHING!!

You don’t have to be everyone’s best friend, but be a friend to everyone. You never know, you may be the only person that is nice to that person.

Never let anyone play alone, if you see someone by themselves, invite them to play with you. If they don’t want to, that’s okay, they know you offered and may accept next time.

A new student knows NO ONE, go up to them and say, “Hi my name is …” Even if you don’t end up being good friends with that person, you made an effort to make them feel better.

If you see someone having trouble with something, their computer won’t work, they dropped their stuff, they can’t figure something out, ask if they need some help. It may only take you a few minutes, but they might remember it for a long time.

Never let anyone feel bad, about anything, EVER! If you hear someone saying something mean, tell them to stop. If you see someone being mean, do the same thing, if you need to, get an adult.

If you want to know more about #ShareYourCare Day click HERE

I hope every one has a beary great day!