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I am on a quest to pull myself together.

In six months I am going to be forty-five and I can not go into the back half of my forties in the condition I’m in.

To say I’ve let myself go in the weight department, would be putting it mildly.  I am not happy, not one little bit. (If I had been dealing with little bits, I may not be where I am now.)

A few years ago I wrote about how I’m becoming a before, well I’m there. I’m a perfect example of a before picture in a weight loss commercial. I’ll spare you the bikini picture.

I am about sixty pounds heavier than I was in high school and college. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know I’m never going to see that number again (unless one of my kids gets on the scale in a few years) and I don’t want to.

What I need is to be at the weight I was before I got sick. According to my doctors, that would be the best scenario for my health.

Honestly, I have a closet full of clothes that don’t fit! I refuse to buy more clothes (I don’t have anymore room).

That boils down to me dropping about thirty(ish) pounds.

So here I am, I am challenging myself to lose as much as I can by my 45th birthday.

How am I going to do it?

I’ve done Weight Watchers and even made it to Goal and became a Lifetime member. The only problem now is, the only group I liked is no longer together.

There was this fantastic leader and she had the best group! The people in her meetings were not whiny and didn’t complain or give side eyed judgments. They were all incredibly supportive and I stayed with them until I reached Goal. Then she left Weight Watcher, no other groups were the same.

I tried 21 Day Fix and after the 21 days I gained weight. I don’t know how, I won’t tell you what I said when I got on the scale…I’ll let you still believe I’m a lady.

So I am going to simply track every single thing that goes into my mouth. I have an app on my phone and I really think about whether or not I want to eat something.

I was told by my doctor that I needed to lay off the carbs since my blood sugar was a tiny bit high. My challenge, having protein and vegetables available for snacking.

That is what I find the hardest, having things ready to eat so I don’t grab one of the kids’ snacks.

I told the “house cop” (Stella) my plan and boy can she call you out when you don’t do the right thing.

So that is what I’m going to do.

  • Track everything I eat
  •  Limit carbs
  •  Have snacks ready to go
  •  Prepare as many meals in advance as I can
  •  Bring healthy snacks with me when I’m running errands

There we go…wish me luck!!

49 thoughts on “Pulling Myself Together

  1. I hear ya! I’ve had a bad year since losing my mom in February and I have gained SO MUCH WEIGHT. I need to do something about it, but I just have no motivation to do so yet.

  2. Good luck! I think blogging makes me fat! 🙂 I’ve gained weight since I started my recipe/party blog 5 years ago. I’ve got to stop taste tasting every new recipe and get someone else to do it for me. Good luck on your weight loss goals. They seem reasonable and doable. You’ve got this!

  3. Good for you for taking some steps on improving your health! It can be overwhelming but small steps do make a big difference. I think it’s a great idea to track calories/carbs – that’s what I do too! Good luck!

  4. I have to tell you I am trying to do this too. I have spent half my 30s in very poor condition, I really let myself go. Best of luck!

  5. Way to go! Weight loss is always such a battle. That’s a great idea to have snacks ready to go and prepare as many meals as possible! That always helps me!

  6. I was just reading articles on how I can help my daughter lose some weight. She loves to eat and I don’t want her to grow up to be an overweight adult and compromise her health later on. I will copy your plan and me and my daughter will work on this together. 🙂

  7. I definitely feel you, I have always been a bit of a yo-yoer with my weight but never really gained anything too bad but since having my son I just keep putting weight on and find it 10 times harder to loose it than I used to before. It really gets me down, its like I take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Good luck with your journey I hope you get to where you want to be!

  8. I totally get where you are coming from. My weight has skyrocketed and I am now almost double my weight from before I had my first child. That was 19 years ago and I am going to be 42. I’m not a happy camper. Good luck on your weight loss journey.

  9. I am right there with you!! I am slooooowly losing weight and it’s not coming off as fast as I want it to but I am on the right track after years of just eating whatever and not exercising at all. Ugh.

  10. I can totally relate. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, and it’s a combination of medications, chronic pain, and stress eating. I feel like if I can eliminate the stress eating, or at least pick better options, I’d be in much better shape. Good luck with your journey!

  11. The struggle is real. I am dealing with this right now. Have had some health setbacks this year and I have had a wakeup call also. Here’s hoping we both get back on track!

  12. Oh good luck! You’ve got this! I did weight watchers after gaining about 65 lbs with my pregnancy! I didnt do groups and still had great success!

  13. One of the things I need to get is get off my butt and avoid snacking on whatever I feel like having. I have self control issues with yummy food and.. laziness + pain issues overall makes.. yeah. Lots of excuses. I just need to get moving and get going.

  14. Good luck on your weight loss journey. It can be tough, but it sounds like your on the right track. I think preparing good healthy snacking options and cutting carbs is a good start.

  15. Having snacks ready to go is a great way to make sure you do not make a bad choice. I always have fresh fruit and veggies ready to eat in the fridge.

  16. Kid snacks are the hardest. They are so hard to avoid just picking up and eating on the go. I totally get it. I also get wanting to be healthier and wish you all the luck in the world with your goal!

  17. Watching what you eat is what I have found to be key! Healthy snacks and homemade meals are always better than eating out or the vending machines at work. We are all guilty of this, but it’s awesome you have a goal and a plan!!

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