Summer Necessities…Must Haves for (My) Kids

Kraus House Mom

There are some things that are absolutely necessary for summer in order to keep the Kraus Kids occupied. The best part is, they are very cheap and easily replaced once they run out.

I make sure I have a nice supply of these essentials.


Jump ropes   My girls will jump in the driveway, and up and down the sidewalk throughout the summer. I buy a lot of them because they will get used to tie things up, end up in knots and left out in the rain.

Bubbles  You can never have enough bubbles in the summer. I get all sorts of contraptions for them to use and tons of bottles of the stuff. I do sometimes make them a batch of homemade bubble mix when I’m feeling like a Pinterest mom.

Sidewalk Chalk  My kids have already gone through three buckets of these. They are always being left out in the rain. My kids do let them dry out and then use it, they say it still works fine, but since it is so inexpensive and keeps them occupied for hours I keep getting them more.

Hula Hoops These are not only used around the waist. They are targets to hit or throw through, something used to catch the enemy and used as an obstacle course. My kids use them for so many different things that they don’t care that they get bent.

Kraus House Mom
Two is one too many for her

Water Balloons  We love a good water balloon fight in our house. I’ll fill up a couple of buckets for each team and let the games begin. It’s great on a hot day.

Balls   Big or small, doesn’t matter, we need them all. Each game requires a different kind of ball. My kids make up their own games with their own rules all the time (Who remembers CalvinBall?)

Squirt Guns  I’m thinking about investing in Super Soakers this summer. My son thinks he’s this great warrior, he shoots like a Stormtrooper. I may need to show him how it’s really done. The thought of a Super Soaker show down sounds like fun.

What are some things your kids “need” this summer?

34 thoughts on “Summer Necessities…Must Haves for (My) Kids

  1. That is so funny because I literally just went to the store and got most of these today, as well. We love a good water balloon fight

  2. Spot on! We go through SO much chalk and bubbles in the summer! I don’t think you could ever have too many of those items!

  3. YES! We are well stocked too! Love that a trip to the dollar store can solve summer boredom pretty quickly.

  4. chalk, squirt guns, and jumpropes are definatly a must! Great things to keept them busy. Also a couple favorite movies to slow them down a bit.

  5. This is a wonderful list. I think water balloons and squirt guns are the best. My daughters and I always have fun with those.

  6. I have most of those fun things for when the grandkids come over. They also love to run through the water sprinkler – just like I did when I was their age.

  7. These are great summer necessities for kids! When I was a kid, sidewalk chalk, rope jumps and bubbles were an absolute must for the summer.

  8. All of these activities are so much fun to enjoy all summer long! These are more old-school things that I enjoyed as a child – they are timeless classic fun!

  9. We love side walk chalk around here. Such creative moments can happen during free play and while soaking in sunshine.

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