Adult Coloring Relaxing?

The almighty “THEY” say adult coloring books are “supposed” to be relaxing.

I loved coloring, I colored into my teens.

Now I don’t think I would call it relaxing though.

For Christmas I received some coloring books. They have bigger pictures, the smaller, more intricicate designs would have driven me to madness. I figured I could use them to relax…

Boy was I wrong!

Kraus House Mom
These are the ones I got for Christmas

I have found that coloring actually causes me some stress.

I guess when it comes to me coloring I’m a perfectionist, I’m not in ANY other aspect of my life.

Some of the thoughts that go through my head are…

  • My pencil is too dull I need to sharpen it
  • What happened to the sharpener?
  • Did I go out of the line a little bit?
  • Did I use this color already?
  • Is there too much of color X?
  • I don’t have enough variety of colors.
  • The lines aren’t blending together

Then I need to deal with my kids stealing my colored pencils and they ask if they can color a little bit of may page? Are you out of your mind?

Kraus House Mom
There’s so much wrong with this it drives me nuts

How could I find this relaxing?

I know I need to loosen up, it’s just a coloring book. But this is the one and only thing I’m this neurotic about.

What do you get neurotic about?

31 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Relaxing?

  1. I think adult coloring books look cool, but I admit I have no patience for them. I would be so mad if I went out of the lines.

  2. My wife and I have started doing these on Sunday mornings to help us relax. All screens go off and we are able to sit out in the yard and just color. It’s very tranquil.

  3. I haven’t gotten into adult coloring yet – I’m a perfectionist and probably wouldn’t be able to relax lol! But I do love to draw with my toddlers! 😀

  4. Ha, ha, ha… I actually love coloring. I always have and have taken it back up. I find it pretty relaxing and is a great way to connect with the kids

  5. I just picked up a coloring book this week. I am going to get some good pencil crayons so i can color this weekend.

  6. File organization on my computer. I hate having everything crammed into the default drives and file structures.

  7. I have a Harry Potter coloring book. If you think those are bad, you ain’t seen nothing! The pictures are so small and intricate it makes you go crossed eyed, lol.

  8. I would absolutely be neurotic about adult coloring books for all of your same reasons and then some. The fact that the coloring pencil tip is so small making it take forever…I wouldn’t like the many striations caused by the pencil tip.
    I just simply can’t do it. I don’t see it as relaxing either.

  9. This made me laugh so much because I completely agree! My sister always loved coloring when we were kids and into our teens. She’d sit for hours quietly and peacefully coloring, and even then, it was so difficult for me to just sit down and enjoy it.

  10. I love this. I bought a couple for myself and of course my kids ended up stealing them. My girls love them more than children, but when I did get to use mine the few times I did I noticed the benefits, and was so much calmer and relaxed!

  11. I honestly don’t see it being relaxing at all. It wouldn’t be something that I would run to do however, I think it’s a way for others to focus better,

  12. My middle child actually colors to relax – it is even part of his 504 plan! I think adult coloring would work very similarly as it does for him. I have to try it!

  13. I’ve ALWAYS found coloring to be relaxing so I find it funny that it’s “trendy” now and everyone is doing it. I have a few adult coloring books but I actually prefer simpler coloring books.

  14. Just bought my first adult coloring book. I’ll be working inning next week. I’m looking forward to relaxing and just getting lost in the colors.

  15. I love coloring books. I collect coloring books and seldom work on this at night. It’s my therapy whenever I’m bored.

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