Missing: All the Things I Need Daily

A few years ago I wrote about The Nine Most Lost Items in my House. Well, just like my kids, that list has grown. So I’ve decided to revise it.

I have tried to keep myself and kids organized, but I’m failing miserably. For some reason, nothing ends up where it belongs.

The original 9 are still major problems…

  • Brushes/Combs
  • Tools
  • Tape Measure
  • Shoes
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Socks
  • Nail Clippers/Nail File
  • Hair Elastics
  • Broom/Dust Pan

Now let me add to the ever growing list.

Teddy’s Glasses/His Case  He loses one of these at least twice a week. He frequently leaves his case at school (then I have to hope he can find it). His glasses have been left in the strangest places all over the house. The only way he has found them is because one of the girls or I noticed them and remembered where we saw them.

Surprise, Surprise they were in the case
Surprise, Surprise they were in the case

Lunch Bag  One of the Kraus Kids has lost two, yes two, lunch bags this school year. Don’t ask how, I have no clue. I guess this kid doesn’t want to eat anymore.


My Phone  One would think with what I do I would know where my phone is, since I need it all the time. Nope. The worst part is when my husband is at work and I can’t have him call it, we got rid of the landline. I spend quite a bit of time hunting it down (usually in the couch cushion).


Homework/School Papers  I can’t tell you how many times I say, “Put it in your back pack.” Come morning, we’re all searching for someone’s homework, field trip paper, or folder.

This folder is in a chair between two other bags. Will it be found in the morning?
This folder is in a chair between two other bags. Will it be found in the morning?

Scissors  I have five pairs of scissors, but I can never find a pair when I need it. There should be two in the kitchen, two in my desk and one in my bedroom. There’s usually a scissor crisis when I’m elbow deep in a project.

I could only find ONE pair
I could only find ONE pair

Scotch Tape  I buy this stuff by the crateful. I know exactly who is responsible for this one, Stella. She uses it for her “projects” and “inventions”. If I need any, I check her bedroom desk first.


Sports Equipment/Uniforms  I try to get there game uniforms ready the night before because it’s absolute chaos on game mornings. When everything WAS right there and suddenly it’s not, my head is in danger of exploding. On practice nights there is ALWAYS one piece of equipment missing, it never ends.


Of all the things that go missing, I think the pencils missing during homework time drives me crazy the most often.


What do you lose in your house?


35 thoughts on “Missing: All the Things I Need Daily

  1. We went through the exact same thing with the pencils until the beginning of this school year. I went to Walmart and bought 20 boxes of 24 pencils and a big old pencil cup to keep on my dining room table. I haven’t run out since.

  2. I wish I could blame my kiddo and all my stuff disappearing. Don’t get me wrong he definitely has his hand in it but I am not the most organized person myself.

  3. Yes- Scissors do missing everyday around here. I think I buy them almost weekly. I gave up on having a ‘favorite pair!’

  4. I solved the measuring tape issue – there are not 5 of them. I ALWAYS keep one in my purse. I make sure it gets back there NO MATTER WHAT so at least there is one in my purse any time we can’t find any of the other four. *sigh* It has often been the lifesaver. Scissors are a big thing too and we have three pairs – and there are only two of us here. It’s the cats – they take them!

  5. Pencils drive me nuts, too. Seems like my kids can never find one at homework time and I have purchased a TON of them. UGh

  6. We lose the same 9 things in our house. It drives me insane, especially when I can’t find any of the 4 hairbrushes, so that I can brush my daughter’s hair. I swear those things have feet and run when I am looking for it.

  7. How is it we all are constantly losing these same things? Fun read & nice to know I’m not alone!

  8. I am always losing my keys and the remote. I have a basket by the door for my keys yet the never make it in there. Now that my Son drives the car sometimes it is even harder to find the keys. The remote goes missing for days sometimes. I downloaded a app so i can use my phone to change the channels.

  9. It always seems that you can never find something when you need it. I’m always missing things. My girls hardly ever have matching socks. They seem to lose them all the time.

  10. I want you to not be shocked…but when you kids leave home..EVERYTHING is always in it’s place. YEP..truth I speak. Cuz as long as YOU put stuff back, it stays right there. IT’s awesome.

  11. The things that get lost most in our house are shoes. I have no idea who eats one of everyone shoes each day, but overnight the shoes just disappear.

  12. Scissors and hair ties are the two things that always go missing at my house. I mean, really, where do those hair ties go? I’m constantly buying new ones.

  13. OMGosh! I totally understand the hair elastics! LOL! I take them off before bed, lay them, usually on the headboard and then somehow, they magically disappear!

    My husband is really bad about misplacing his eye glasses as well as some tools. I always say…put it back where you got it, once done…but sometimes I find this hard to do myself

  14. I live alone but when my grandkids come over, things disappear. I’m used to putting everything away where it goes and they don’t follow that rule lol. Scissors would be my pet peeve. I lose a pair everytime they are here. I finally bought some magnetic ones that I keep hidden from them and I’m prepared when packages come once again.

  15. Just this morning, I was on the hunt for a certain pair of shoes. This list is spot on and it is basically my every day life with kids. LOL

  16. I am with you on the scissors! I swear I own at least four pairs but I can never find a pair when I need it.

  17. Stuff that disappears in my house is basically pens and pencils. It’s insanity really. I don’t know how it even happens.

  18. I cannot think of what I lose on a regular basis, if I had to choose I bet I lose writing utensils more often than anything else, that’s just how it seems to go!

  19. I always lose my cell phone, always. Never fails. If I place it where it is not normally put, then forget it, I will walk around for hours trying to find it.

  20. Nail files and nail clippers are always missing in my house. I can buy a new pack of nail files and they’ll be gone by the end of the month. Not sure where they go. I also lose my glasses. 🙂 Great list!

  21. I lose everything all the time. Usually pens. I can never find any pens in our house and I buy packs ALL THE TIME. Its awful, I wish I knew where they are!

  22. This is indeed an great list of ideas that everyone misplaces that they use almost daily. I am always loosing my glasses and I can not see to find them. My keys are another thing I always misplace too.

  23. Oh yea! I go through the same thing about the pencils. Can never find one before homework time. Go figure!

  24. This is a very cute list to have! Haha! We’ve mostly lost the same things. But to add to our list would be phone chargers, remote controls and handkerchief! Haha.

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