Cataracts…Teddy’s Blind Again

In July we found out that Teddy was pretty much blind in his right eye because of cataracts. He had it fixed right before Halloween and for a few short weeks he could see again.

When he went to the doctor to get checked after the surgery, he checked both eyes and everything was fine. He did have a cataract in the other eye, but it hadn’t changed in months.

Ted told the surgeon he wanted it fixed right away considering how fast the other eye deteriorated. The surgeon completely agreed. He said it would have to be corrected eventually and since it wasn’t cosmetic, there’s no issue getting it done before it became a problem.

That appointment was on November 2nd. The only thing was, the ophthalmologist had to approve the surgery, just a formality. Teddy’s doctor was on fully booked and then on vacation, no big deal.

Kraus House Mom
Teddy could see on his birthday

The office called to make an appointment for the day after the doctor returned, November 19th. Good because we knew the surgeon was already booked at the hospital and could get us in soon.

The night I made the appointment, Teddy told me he thought his eye (the other one) was getting bad because he was having trouble seeing. He could hardly read (he can’t see close up with the new lens) and I already knew his nearsightedness was becoming an issue. (I took him in September because he was having trouble, but it wasn’t the cataract.)

I told him he was going to the eye doctor and then we could schedule the next surgery. Then he would be able to see. Little did I know what we were going to find out.

The cataract in the other eye had pretty much quintupled, the new eye couldn’t see as far as they hoped and he basically has no sight in the other eye.

He can see people and objects far away, but he can’t read the board and he can’t read his work. When is he going to catch a break?

Luckily he will only have to wait a couple of weeks for the next surgery. He is scheduled for December 9th. He will finally have sight in both eyes.

Kraus House Mom
This time he’s not nervous, he’s excited to see

When it’s done, he will have to wear glasses. The doctor did tell us that he may never have to change his prescription because his eyes will be surgically corrected.

For now we do all we can at school so he can manage for the next couple of weeks.

I’ll keep you updated!

39 thoughts on “Cataracts…Teddy’s Blind Again

  1. I cannot imagine, I hope the surgery helps significantly. Looks like he is a trooper and happy, that’s because of all the family love! Thanks for an update, I will await the updates as you write them! Thinking of you all!

  2. This is a bitter sweet story for now. I am so glad your son told the doctor he wanted it done right away and the doctor agreed. It is awesome it will only be a couple more weeks til the next surgery. Please keep us informed and prayers for a great result from the next surgery for him. 😀

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