Teddy Can See Again, Bye Cataract!

Guess who can see with both eyes again, Teddy!

He hasn’t been able to see from his right eye since June or July because he had a cataract.

Last Monday, he had it fixed. Now he can see clearly.

Kraus House Mom
His first day out and about with a “new eye”

We went for a pre-op appointment a week before his surgery and that’s when Ted and I found out that everything in his right eye was black, there was no more light going through. We just turned and looked at each other as our hearts sank for him. He never told us, he never complained about any of it.

The next day we went for a tour of the hospital. The nurse started explaining all that was going to happen, and when she asked him if he wanted to smell the flavors of anesthesia, that’s when he got nervous.

They showed us what they call the Game Room. It’s where they prepare you for surgery. There you can watch TV, movies; play games or choose from all the video game consoles. He of course chose Xbox.

Kraus House Mom
Waiting to go to the Game Room
Kraus House Mom
Video games relax him

He was fine until the nurse started to give him drops, he did yell at her…he hates to have his eyes dilated.

Ted went into the operating room with him until he was under.

When he woke up, the nurse said he was a little feisty, but that it was very common with eye surgery. He told us he needed to go back to sleep because he was tired, we understood.

After an hour, we were able to go home. He came in and planted himself on the couch and watched TV (for the next four days).

Kraus House Mom
He scored a new book and a pumpkin

I was surprised that he didn’t have to keep it bandaged. We had to give him drops every four hours. As soon as I took of the patch to give him his first drops, he could see. There was a lot of double vision, but he could see.

Kraus House Mom
Relaxing his “new eye”

We let him stay out of school until Friday, that’s when the double vision finally stopped, but I made him wear him patch. He only has to wear it to bed, but I don’t trust him and I don’t want anything to happen to it.

It’s killing him that he can’t have gym or recess yet, but he’d rather be able to see. He can’t wait to find out when he can play hockey again.

37 thoughts on “Teddy Can See Again, Bye Cataract!

  1. That is just so crazy! I never realized you could have cataract at such a young age. I always just assumed that was something that happened when you got older. I’m glad to read he is doing well.

  2. I didn’t even know that kids could get cataracts. I think it’s great that he was given a tour of the hospital and everything was explained to him beforehand. What a brave young man! And I’m so glad he can see with that eye again.

  3. How sad that your young son had a cataract. I thought only old people suffered from those. He looks like he was so brave, no doubt because his mom and dad were strong and with him during this tough trial. Glad he can see again, that’s what I call a REALLY HAPPY ENDING!

  4. Oh wow, what a brave boy you have! And mom and dad too – you guys are so strong! I’m glad to hear that he’s had some time to recouperate. All the best as he gets back to 100%!

  5. Similar to your situation, my father can’t also see anything using his right eye. He kept on insisting that this is normal with age but I think that it’s still early for him to lose his eyesight. It might be better to consult an ophthalmologist and see if getting surgery would be safe for his age.

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