Life in a Haunted House

I hear people say all the time that they think their house is haunted. Well my house really is haunted. There’s nothing creepy or malicious that goes on, mischievous and sometimes annoying yes, but nothing to make us want to pack up and leave.

First of all, we know the “ghosts”. It’s my husband’s family. We bought my husband’s grandmother’s house and there’s a lot of history here.

Kraus House Mom

Why do we think our house is haunted? A bunch of things happen around here that have no explanation, but the biggest reason is that each of our three kids have talked to a different relative that lived here, but passed away.

When they were young, under 3, they had information that my husband and I either didn’t know about or never told them about. Maizie keep talking about “Scoop”. We didn’t know who Scoop was, but said she talked to him. Later we found out that it was Ted’s grandfather’s nickname (I believe in WWII). We had no idea.

Teddy started asking my mother in law about her brothers, he knew about two of them, but one of them passed away before Ted and I were even married. This happen right after a cousin of my mother in law’s passed away (the uncle and cousin were close and mischief makers). He asked about the other brother by name and then said the cousin’s name (something my husband and I didn’t say anything about) and he told my mother in law that they were both happy. Let’s just say it freaked her right out.

Stella used to have full on conversations with my husband’s grandmother. We would hear her on the baby monitor in the middle of the night. We heard her ask her where her glasses were one night. During the day, she would point and call her name, like she was in the room.

This went on until one Easter when we were all at my mother in law’s house. Stella kept saying Naunie was there, then she said “Bye, Naunie,” and waved. She didn’t talk to her again after that.

Do I still think they’re here? Absolutely! Strange things happen all the time. At night it sounds like someone is walking down the stairs, if you go to see which kid it is, no one is there.

Something will go missing, and we (usually me) will search the entire house looking for it then give up the hunt. Later on, the missing item will show up in plain sight. Not in a place that could have been overlooked, somewhere that I physically picked up every item looking for it.

The bathroom light always goes out, Alabama will bark at thin air (but like she’s barking at a person), there is always a refection of a face in the small window next to the fireplace (only for a split second), from the corner of your eye you see someone walk by and there’s no one there, these are the things that happen.

Kraus House Mom
One of these lights goes out all the time, even with new lightbulbs

If we’re talking about things from Ted’s childhood, sometimes he gets an instant chill or goose bumps all over.

Smells are another thing. Sometimes when we come home and walk in the house, my husband can smell his grandfather. There a so many times when I’m in bed and I can smell food cooking.

Kraus House Mom
I swear I see a face in this window every night, it’s way too far off the ground for it to be a real person. I just keep it closed now, so I don’t keep looking at it.

The toilet flushed by itself the other day and toys used to go on by themselves. When the coffee maker makes sounds, Stella always announces, “Naunie’s making coffee!”

We don’t care that the house is haunted; they keep an eye on us!

38 thoughts on “Life in a Haunted House

  1. I had similar experiences in my home, growing up, but there was no previous history, as we were the first owners. It’s funny how these things can’t be explained but keep us on our toes!

  2. I swear I had someone in my old apartment that used to just hang out in my bedroom! I always said, as long as the spirit doesn’t harm me and my family, they can stay lol!

  3. OK I have goosebumps! While this kind of stuff always scares me, it sounds like you have the most friendliest spirits I’ve ever heard of. It’s really sweet that you’re children feel safe and have a connection or memory of loved ones who are no longer around. Def nice to have family looking out for you!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am not sure I could be as cool as you are about the whole thing. HA! The fact that Teddy knew about your MIL’s brothers? That is crazy.

  5. A few weeks after we brought Hunter home from the hospital we noticed he’d be staring up into a corner of our house, at first we thought he was looking at the balloons we received when he was born. He’d coo and gaga and we thought nothing of it until after the balloons were long gone and he was still looking at the same corner “talking”. When Zoe was born 2 years later she did the exact same thing, only difference being there weren’t any balloons but she would look up into the same corner and ” talk” to whomever was there. We knew nothing about the history of the house, so we still believe it was one of our family members that had passed.

  6. Im a bit scared to live in a house that is hunted, but on the otherside it feels great that the ghost in the house is your family member. It seems that they want to look after you even they are already dead.

  7. Im a bit scared to live in a house that is haunted, but on the otherside it feels great that the ghost in the house is your family member. It seems that they want to look after you even they are already dead.

  8. I don’t do haunted. 🙂 Years ago, my youngest daughter had a Giggles N Go Doll. In the middle of the night, she starts giggling like crazy and wakes us all up. I was terrified. Then we heard someone talking on a CD. Yep, a trucker had set her off. It was weird.

  9. I’m not sure I believe in ghosts, but the home I lived in with my husband was said to be haunted. Weird things kept happening and we couldn’t explain them away. I love that I’m not the only one that’s lived in a haunter house :). Boo.

  10. That’s actually sweet in a weird way! I was always told that kids can see ghosts more clearly because they’re closer to ‘the veil’ since they’ve been alive less time!

  11. I don’t believe in haunted houses, but my kids totally do. And with all of the tv shows featuring haunted mansions these days people are taking them more seriously.

  12. Do I believe–YES. I went to college in a small town in Wisconsin. My then boyfriend had rented a house with some of his friends–it was definitely haunted. Those doors would open and close with no one around–I know–I checked!!

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