Blind in One Eye…Teddy Has Cataracts!

Do you know what can happen when a kid hits his head on the ice or maybe it’s from when he hit the tree riding his bike? The lens in his eye can shatter leading to cataracts.

As of right now, Teddy is pretty much blind in his right eye; he has been since at least July. You see, he has cataracts, at eight years old.

Right now you might be thinking, “How did that happen?’ or “He’s so young.” It’s not the kind that older people get, his is from an injury.

Guess what, you can break your eye just like an arm or leg, who knew?

Cataracts in kids

Let’s start this saga at the beginning…

At his regular eye exam in February, the doctor noticed a small cataract. A follow up was scheduled for six months to follow up and check it out again. Around May, my husband said that it had gotten worse because he could see the cloudiness in Teddy’s eye.

On May 23rd, I was talking to Teddy as we were on my bed and all I could see in his right eye was a big white cloud. I immediately called the eye doctor. We got an appointment for the next day.

Teddy’s eyesight went from pretty much normal in that eye to 20/500 in a matter of three months. After doing some research I found out to be legally blind your vision needs to be 20/200, he passed that. He could barely see anything out of that eye.

The eye doctor (optometrist) immediately recommended a pediatric ophthalmologist. He even called him on his day off to schedule the appointment for us.

Teddy started to get nervous when he realized he was going to have to have surgery to get his eye fixed. I told him that it’s really no big deal and that Grampie had it done.

Then he wanted to know the details. He’s the type of kid that would have Googled it himself, so I told him how they would do the surgery. He really started to worry. Then I was struck with genius, he’s a huge fan of Lab Rats!

cataracts in kids

I told him that they were going to put a new lens in his eye and he would be able to see without any problems. I said it would be like a bionic eye. I know it was a stretch, but if it was going to make him feel better, let him think he’s going to have a super eye.

He calmed down a bit and then asked if they could add a laser to his eye.

Fast forward to his appointment with the ophthalmologist; here’s where we find out that at this point in time he has lost all vision in his eye. He can only see lights and shadows.

Now my heart breaks, but I know they can fix it.

We meet with the surgeon and he said it would be as easy as fixing an adult’s eye. The bonus, he would really have to smash his eye to break this lens.

Thank goodness he says Teddy would be put under for the procedure. No parent is thrilled for their child to go under anesthesia, but Teddy is a fighter. He can’t get the nose spray flu stuff or his blood taken without people holding him down. He’s five foot three inches and 135 pounds, he will fight something coming at his eye.

cataracts in kids

He is scheduled for surgery at the end of the month. He will be taking a tour of the hospital and they will explain everything that will happen to him.

Now if I just keep Stella from telling him they’re going to take his eyeball out, we’ll be all set.

21 thoughts on “Blind in One Eye…Teddy Has Cataracts!

  1. Oh my! I’ve never heard of this happening before! With 3 crazy boys, this really worries me even more! I hope everything goes well, I’m so happy the outlook is good. Sight is such an important sense. I look forward to reading your update!

  2. Oh I would be so nervous! My son had surgery on his eye when he was a baby, but just top open a tear duct. He will do well and then he will be SO happy to see again.

  3. As someone with a cornea disorder that will eventually require surgery as well, I can totally understand Teddy’s fear, but as a mother, I can not imagine. I am sending you both strength, courage and love during this difficult time.

  4. Wow that is super scary. I have 2 kiddos who had surgery on their eyes, it was different than this but I thought it was so scary. The thought of anything with eyes. Glad he will be able to have it done!

  5. That is so scary. My dad had that problem too and he hasn’t gotten it fixed. I keep trying to get him to. I love that you said it would be a bionic eye to get him more pumped. It is important to keep it positive.

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