Stella’s Loose Tooth

Let’s begin this “event” on Friday…
Stella had a loose tooth (her first one) and it makes me kind of sad that my tiny baby was about to lose her first tooth. But, so it goes. In true Stella-Blue fashion this event wasn’t without a strange conversation and reasoning on her part.
I told her she should keep wiggling her tooth so it would come out over the weekend. I can’t stand wiggly, dangly teeth. I just want to pull them right out, but Ted won’t let me. She was not completely thrilled with the idea of her tooth coming out. Don’t get me wrong, she is definitely up for the money; she has been known to steal it from her brother.
Here’s our chat…
Me: You should wiggle that tooth so it falls out this weekend.
Stella: I don’t think I want it to fall out.
Me: Why not? It doesn’t hurt.
Stella: I still want to be able to suck my thumb.
Me: (Looking perplexed) What do you mean? You’ll still be able to suck your thumb. Even though being 5 you should probably lay off that a bit.
Stella: I can’t once they fall out because then I’ll get buck teeth. I definitely don’t want buck teeth.
Me: Why are you so concerned about having buck teeth?
Stella: I don’t want to end up looking like a beaver.
Me: (Trying not to laugh at her) So you’re not going to have your teeth fall out, EVER?
Stella: Nope! I’m going to be an old lady with wiggly teeth that can still suck her thumb.
Me: Well, we can see how that goes.
Now onto Saturday…
The tooth was still there, so I bought apples at the store. Teddy and I were on our way home and I get a call.
Ted: I’ve got good news and bad news.
Me: (Knowing this could go either way, I brace myself) What is it?
Ted: Good news is, Stella lost her first tooth. Bad news is, Maizie kind of knocked it out.
I was only down the street and by the time I got home her mouth had been cleaned and the tooth was recovered. There’s nothing worse than trying to find an itty, bitty tooth on the floor.
Upon further investigation, it seems that Stella and Maizie were playing with a rope (which was taken away earlier in the day because they were fighting over it) and Stella had the rope in her mouth. What did Maizie do? She yanked it out of course, along with the tooth. I must say, she saved me a whole heap of aggravation of trying to convince Stella to let me get the tooth out.
The Tooth Fairy is free to come ($5 for the first one).
Right into her piggy bank

7 thoughts on “Stella’s Loose Tooth

  1. 5 dollars for the first tooth here too. Now it is $2 for the rest.

    My 5 year old has not lost a tooth yet, but her friends have. She woke up today and told me she touched all here teeth but not of hem moved. She was so sad but it was so cute.

  2. Love it! We totally grappled with how much the tooth fairy should leave too–I have heard all different numbers! My 5 1/2 year old has lost two so far, but neither made it home. One got eaten and one is somewhere on the playground at school- yuck! 😉

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