The 9 Most Lost Items in My House

There are items in my house that no matter how hard I try to keep track of, they ALWAYS get lost. I put them in the same spot, but the 30 (sometimes 40) sticky fingers that live here besides me, do not put them back where they belong.
Now if you know me, cool your jets for a second.  I am by far not an organized person, but there are a few items I keep in specific spots because I KNOW THEY GET LOST; and those are the things that keep disappearing.
Brushes/Combs  These SHOULD be in the drawer in the bathroom. If you open that drawer all you will find are bobby pins. The girls have their own brushes with sparkly initials on them, we can only find one. The other three brushes, not sure. I went and bought myself a new brush that I keep in my room, away from everyone. I buy ten packs of combs and right now the only one I have found is one that a child (not the dog) has chewed.
Tools  Don’t look for a tool you fight need in the Kraus House; you won’t find it anytime soon. We had a tool box at one point in our life; I’m not quite sure what happened to that. Now if there is a project planned that might require a tool, a search party is sent out to find the necessary tools before such project begins.
Tape Measure  This falls in line with the tools. This also goes for my sewing tape measure, one should be in the sewing machine table and one should be in my sewing box, they should not be upstairs under a bed or be used as jump ropes.

Tape measure…safe and sound for now

Shoes  The girls are not as bad at this and Young Thaddeus, he is the main offender of this travesty. It has gotten to the point where he needs to pay me to find his shoes, especially when it is 30 seconds before we are walking out the door.  It is not uncommon for one shoe to be downstairs and the other to be upstairs. He’s a boy, I’m told they’re supposed to do that.

We haven’t seen the left one in a couple of weeks

Pens/Pencils  I should say pencils that work. The quality of pencils is shit. I have said this for years and any teacher will tell you the same thing. I have a super snazzy pencil sharpener so I know it’s not that. It seems the pencils all disappear or break as soon as it’s time to do homework. My pens all mysteriously vanish when I am trying to take a message or write a list, even though there is a giant cup to hold several of them.

Only three of those pencil work

Socks  It is amazing how socks disappear in this house. I keep single socks separate. I started doing it so I could find the match, then I kept doing it to see how many didn’t have a mate. One day Stella and I counted 48 socks that didn’t have a match. What the Hell happened to them? As I walk through the house at night I pick up lonely, rogue socks but I put them in the hamper. They all eventually get washed, why aren’t they getting reunited? It’s driving me insane!!!
Nail Clippers/Nail File  Whenever I need them, I can’t find them. I keep the nail clippers in the giant pencil cup. In order to see the clippers, someone needs to go deep. I have a strong suspicion on who pilfs the clippers, but what happens to my nail file? No one is lounging around filing their nails.
Hair Elastics  I buy these by the gross. When I find them, I hoard them. Stella always wants a ponytail or braids…then stop losing all the elastics! I noticed that several of the Barbies were rocking some ponytails, once and elastic is in there, it’s not coming out.
Broom/Dust Pan  Sounds strange that these things would go missing, but they do quite often. I go to get the broom and poof, it’s gone. Then I wander around looking in all the corners it could be stashed in until I find it. All is well until I’m done and go to get the dust pan and guess what, that’s gone too. Luckily it’s usually in the vicinity of where the broom was found (most of the time).
So these are the things that get lost in my house most often. What disappears in your house?

6 thoughts on “The 9 Most Lost Items in My House

  1. The sock thing makes me bonkers. One day I made the kids go around the house picking up socks as they went. In the end it was a huge pile of them. Fortunately, it only happens in the summer. Once winter hits, their feet are cold and they keep their socks on. Really, though…where are the mates?!?!

    I can never seem to find a pair of scissors. I keep them in the cupboard so I can cut out my BoxTops, yet they are NEVER there when I reach for them. There have to be 15 pairs of kids' scissors floating around the house, everywhere except where people can find them.

  2. Seriously… to it all. Somehow my tape measure (Dave and I each have one) makes its way out of the drawer and out of the tool box every time we are looking! I also can't ever find my keys… but I blame that on the size of my bag!

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