10 Reasons I Should Live in a Hotel

Chuck Bass lived in one and so did Serena for a while. Hell, Eloise lives in the Plaza so why can’t I? I’ve come up with reasons why I should live in a hotel.

1. I love fresh, clean sheets but I’m not changing them every other day. 

2. I want someone to clean for me; we know I’m not going to do it for myself.

3. My meals could be delivered right to my door, no more having to cook.

4. A gym is right in the building. I wouldn’t have to get in the car and drive (not that I go,        but maybe I would if it was right in the building).

5. They have an indoor pool so I could swim drink by the pool in any kind of weather.

6. They have 24 hour porn channels.

7. There would be a spa downstairs. If I wake up and something hurt, I could go down          and get it massaged better.

8. Security to keep out the riffraff and a bellhop to send up my stuff, I wouldn’t have to           carry anything anymore.

9. The concierge can get anything.

10. Mini-bars, it’s build it portion control.

I think I have found the one I want to live in. I may have to pack up and move into a Platinum Suite at the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong. We can all keep in touch through social media.

There’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell I would ever have the available funds to support this pipe dream (and I was kidding about #6).

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Should Live in a Hotel

  1. All very good reasons. Except #6. That was hilarious.
    I've often thought I'd love to live in a hotel, but not until the kids are grown. Staying in a hotel with kids is torture. Oh, and I'd need to be in the penthouse, so noisy people running through the halls wouldn't keep me awake.

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