10 Things I Miss About My Kids Being Little

As my kids get older they are much more independent opinionated. Along with that they feel the need to express their frustrations with each other both verbally and physically.  They are 7, 6, and 5 and am well aware it is only going to get worse. 
I have made a list of some things that I miss about them being younger.

1. I picked the outfits without arguments.

The girls still fit in the skirts 3 years later (I wish I fit into clothes from 3 years ago)

2. They got along much better.

They always gave each other kisses

3. I can put them in their playroom and they would be locked in there.

4. They couldn’t argue about what was on TV.

5. Moose A. Moose’s zippy little songs (too bad him and Zee were “fired”), this one
    was my favorite.

6. I chose the Halloween costumes.

Now it takes some hard core mind tricks to get them to be what I want

7. They were in strollers when we went shopping so no one wandered off or lagged 
    behind and I had a place to put all my stuff.

We had 2 strollers so we had plenty of room for stuff (they’re holding hands)

8. No fighting over tablets, phones, or videogames.

We could lock them in there for hours, they would even fall asleep on the floor

9. They weren’t as mouthy or foot stompy.

10. They would play together without a fist fight breaking out.

6 thoughts on “10 Things I Miss About My Kids Being Little

  1. Can't believe I'm saying it, but I do miss the stroller. Now we have to carry our stuff. Of course, the kids are big enough to carry their own, but no one will carry my 20lb. purse.

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