Every Day is Laundry Day

There are 5 people (3 kids and 2 adults) in my family and I do the laundry for all of them. Well maybe 4 and a half since my husband doesn’t always put his clothes in the hamper and gives me all his dirty laundry in one giant pile all at once. On top of people laundry, I find doll clothes, once in a while that’s okay, but the other day I was taking the clothes out of the dryer and I found all these tiny “things” and I’m thinking something got shredded in the washer or one of the kids took scissors to something in a fit of revenge; it was Barbie clothes, that is where I draw the line. 
I don’t mind the actual act of washing the clothes, it’s folding and putting away I just straight up LOATHE and rarely do. Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of clean clothes, they’re just in laundry baskets. I have gone so far as to go out and buy more baskets for laundry. As of right now I think I have 14 laundry baskets and I think they all have various amounts of clean folded and unfolded laundry. Putting laundry away is a never ending cycle that makes me dizzy, I get rid of one and then there are 2 more in its place! 
Having small kids means having small clothes and that means more fits into the washing machine, which leads to WAY more clothes to fold and put away. Up until recently my kids were of NO help at all. Now the Tiniest Kraus looks forward to folding laundry (don’t know where that gene came from) so she’s in charge of panties, which there is always plenty of. She is the one that should help since she’s the one with a three outfit a day habit, hence contributing to my laundry woes.
 That leads us to actually getting the laundry put away. I assemble the trio and when Stella (the Tiniest Kraus, fashionista) realizes her pile of clothes is quadruple the size of the others she starts to whine, “I can’t put that all away by myself” to which I reply, “You put them on by yourself. You can put them away or wear tattered rags.” (the ultimate threat in her tiny fashionista world). They are all sent off with their clothes; do they get put away neatly? Do they get put in the correct drawers? Do I care? NO, NO, NO!!! The clothes are folded, out of the basket and put away, mission complete.

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