Date Night

Just as he does every time he comes into the living room, Teddy came in and flopped onto the ottoman and told me he had a date tonight. I wasn’t all that surprised because he also had a date last night too. He was telling me about his plans when I started to think he was turning into a “playa” dating two girls. Well I guess this would be normal if my son was a teenager, but he’s not. He’s only 5. Welcome to the Kraus House.
The Kraus House consists of three children ages 6, 5 and 4, a dog that thinks she’s Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched and two very tired parents. Maizie is the oldest and she is embarrassed by her parents, her siblings and just about everything. Teddy is a very tall boy who talks all day long. Then we come to Stella, our four year old fashionista, who can wear up to 4 outfits a day and can never have on enough accessories.
I live in a world of fights over hula hoops, video games and TV shows. We have invisible friends (not imaginary) all over the place and it doesn’t matter how many times I feed my kids, apparently no one gets enough to eat because someone is always hungry. 
Enough about us let’s get back to Teddy’s date. This was the conversation I had with him; my internal thoughts are in italics…
Teddy: I have a date tonight.
Me: With Lovey? (He had a date with her last night, she’s one of Stella’s invisible, not imaginary, friends.)
Teddy: Yea
Me: Where are you going?
Teddy: Well, first we’re going to get on a plane, (I’m thinking, where are you getting these date ideas? What are you watching on TV?) Then when we land in New York Merlot will be waiting. (Merlot is another one of Stella’s invisible friends)
(You’re going on a date with two girls? What a player. Seriously, I’m going to have to monitor his viewing habits.)
Me: So you’re going to pick up Lovey, take her on a plane and when you get to New York you’re going to pick up Merlot and go on a date with two girls?
Teddy: Funny (One of Teddy’s invisible friends) wants to go on a date with Merlot. He’s going to come on the plane with us and he’ll be there when we go get her.
Me: So you and Lovey are going on a double date with Funny and Merlot?
Teddy: Yes.
Me: Okay.

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